Next-Generation Commerce Has Arrived, And Technology Is Shaping It

By Upinder Zutshi It was the early 2000s when the iTunes Music Store sold a million songs in the first week of its launch. That simple act of sitting in front of a computer screen instead of walking into a record shop, and purchasing a song online—not a full album, not a physical record [...]

5 ways that you can set your sales team up for Success!

By Anjana Arora - Senior VP, Market Strategy At the heart of any organization’s growth is its sales team. The people it consists of, the opportunities they are uniquely positioned to seize and the way they deliver results all play a crucial role in defining a company’s outlook and the path it adopts to evolve [...]

Employment Creation – The Ultimate Form of Social Responsibility

By Sanjay Govil - Chairman I was navigating regular weekday traffic on my way to office the other day, when I looked around at all the others, who like me were heading to work. Almost everyone I saw, across socio-economic categories, was at work—for some, work had already begun, while others were starting their day. [...]

Are mobile wallets the answer for cashless economies?

By Upinder Zutshi Somewhere in Caracas, Venezuela, the owner of a small cigarette kiosk takes home his day’s earnings in big plastic bags. Due to excessive inflation, the local bolivar is so devalued that people cannot carry money for their needs in wallets anymore, resorting to filling entire handbags or backpacks with cash. As a [...]

“It is not the strongest that survive… but the ones most responsive to change”

By Sanjay Govil  A giant in the entertainment industry for over 90 years, Disney has been long adored for bringing magical entertainment and experiences to people. In a world with changing customer preferences and new challenges, Disney consciously made it one of their strategic priorities to use the latest technology platforms to engage better with [...]

From The Classroom To The Boardroom

How can we challenge our employees to “stay hungry, stay foolish”? As a young student at Reed College, Steve Jobs dropped into a calligraphy class. The session was not part of his main course curriculum. It was an interest—an extracurricular activity—that Steve was developing in his spare time. This calligraphy class decided the fonts that [...]

CSR: A powerful enabler of corporate and social accountability

Tucked away in glass and chrome high-rises, tech companies and the people who work for them are often critiqued for being too engrossed with computing systems to be aware of the lives of their fellow citizens. They are perceived to be either unable or unwilling to relate to issues or people outside the purview of [...]

The Top Five Technologies That Will Shape 2017

Amit Srivastav, President - Technology Solutions shares his thoughts on what will shape the technological advancements in 2017. Read on to know more... Robots that can fold clothes. “Emotional” cars that can change song tracks to suit your mood. Jeans fitted with vibrating sensors that lead you to a waiting friend. Centralized hubs engineered to [...]

Population Health Management: The Data Analytics Playbook for Preventive Care

Most of us have traditionally looked at healthcare as an episodic, reactive exercise, one that involves responding to an adverse event through necessary treatment. And, this has typically been an individual affair, confined to interactions between the concerned patient and the care provider. However, that paradigm is changing dramatically. Better informed, connected individuals, focused on [...]

Emerging Trends and Technologies in Enterprise Mobility – How Businesses can Tap into Them

Mobility solutions, backed by disruptive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR)  and Virtual Reality(VR), Artificial Intelligence(AI), cloud, and the Internet of Things(IoT), are fostering increased enterprise productivity and agility, faster innovation, and enhanced customer centricity. We live in a world of instant gratification where everything we need–information, music, movies, cabs, food, merchandise and whatnot–must be made [...]