With the advent of an increasingly connected business ecosystem the immediate need today is a secure and seamless shift to mobility solutions in workplaces. While there are valid concerns regarding information security, evolving technology has enabled IT administrators to ensure improved business and client information safety, along with a host of other advantages. Here are 5 key benefits that a secure enterprise mobility solution brings to your business.

1. Enhanced encryption allows for diverse mobility solutions to manage data privacy

Passcode enforcement is the first step in data protection, and deployed by 90% of organizations. Enterprise mobility solutions also provide for protected communication channels connecting only authorized personnel to corporate datacenters (role based access control RBAC). Additionally, in case the device is lost or stolen, IT administrators can remotely wipe confidential corporate data as well as retire the device to restrict access.

2. Enables an ‘always-on’ work environment that boosts employee productivity

1 of every 3 employees has been found to be completely mobile. In a global work culture that helps employees stay connected at all times on a global work schedule, increase flexibility options and improve productivity.

3. Cuts long-term costs to encourage positive ROI on business

When deploying any new solution, there are direct and indirect costs to consider. Establishing an enterprise mobility management (EMM) system may incur an expenditure in the short-term depending on purchase price, professional services, implementation, IT/user training, and others. However, the long-term cost savings are overwhelmingly positive with 67% of companies achieving a positive ROI.

4. Manages data diversity and propensity to add greater value for clients

We are in a time when data generation is no longer restricted to a few zettabytes. Data produced every second is becoming increasingly diverse. In such a scenario, enterprise mobility solutions enable timely conversion of data that can be leveraged as actionable insights. Further, it grants the flexibility to input and access relevant data at any point and from anywhere via remote devices.

5. Improved personalized experiences for customers via easy access to data

86% buyers will pay more for a better experience. This increasing demand for personalized experiences can only be made possible when businesses have access to insights into the customer buying behavior. Enterprise mobility solutions ensure organizations have that information at their fingertips to be utilized to enhance user engagement as well as resolve issues at any time.

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