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How Technology Can Help Word-of-Mouth Marketing Get Around

By Anjana Arora Gmail, currently the world’s most used email service, had started out with an invite-only system whereby only an existing user could ‘invite’ you to create your own Gmail account. This feeling of exclusivity generated a lot of curiosity and interest in the service, and the tactic fueled enough word-of-mouth engagement for people [...]

How Nurturing Entrepreneurial Talent Builds Great Organizations

By Sanjay Govil, Chairman The material that makes Post-it® Notes stick to our car dashboards, laptops, work-tables, and fridges was once dismissed as an ‘adhesive experiment gone bad’. The outcome of a skunk-works project in the 1970s by 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver, the adhesive started life as an interesting material. Silver soon found it [...]

Collaboration in the era of Industry 4.0

By Upinder Zutshi Would you think twice about a simple pallet in a warehouse? For organizations that are linked to supply-chain processes, pallets are the critical worker ants that hold together the supply chain and make a significant impact on efficiency and costs. But today, the humble pallet has turned special, helped along by embedded [...]

Deep Neural Networks: The Tale of a New Technology

By Harish Pai Whether your work requires you to classify cucumber types, screen diabetics for debilitating eye conditions or equip self-driving cars for the road—deep neural networks can help your organization in getting your work done in more intelligent and automated ways than has been possible so far. A relatively new and exciting branch [...]

Now, ‘Smart’ And Steady Wins The Race

By Sanjay Govil How much do you know about your favorite sportsperson? You will certainly know their jersey numbers, their preferred move, their technical strengths. Depending on the degree of your interest in the game, you might have memorized statistics of their best performances and milestones. Of course, today, it’s possible to know a lot [...]

Preserving the ‘care’ in healthcare

By Sanjay Govil Did you think that the future of healthcare was an automated facility where patients only spoke to machines? If you said “yes”, think again. It is easier to get help from a qualified mental help therapist today than it was, say, a decade ago, and this doesn’t mean an AI-powered therapist. Today, [...]

Infinite Computer Solutions Launches E-Nivaran Mobile Application for Government Initiative in Uttar Pradesh

 ROCKVILLE, Maryland, July 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Infinite Computer Solutions, a global provider of IT based solutions for Fortune 1000 companies,has developed a mobile application called E-Nivaran for the Uttar Pradesh State Government, which was launched at Lucknow on June 30th. During the launch event Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, announced the advent [...]

Boosting Business Outcomes by Mining Unstructured Data

By Harish Pai, SVP & CTO Animated discussions about the relevance of unstructured data to business goals have a broad consensus about one thing: that it is just a matter of time before industries across the board will embrace its unquestioned application and make it a central part of everyday functioning. Why? There is mounting [...]

Ransomware in Healthcare: What can healthcare organizations do to buffer themselves?

By Amit Srivastav Detractors of digitalization have always held that the openness and interconnectivity its services enable are an unabashed invitation for abuse. To them, the recent spate of attacks by an especially virulent kind of malicious software—ransomware—on healthcare systems is an unfortunate but wholly predictable outcome of transparency itself. Ransomware, which has the ignoble [...]

A Memo From Your Body: Can It Exist And How Far Can It Go?

By Harish Pai Imagine your body sent you a daily memo—telling you which muscles were worn out, how your stomach acids were behaving, and that an additional intake of vitamin C would do you good. I believe you’d think that this would be very helpful. We have come to expect ready information, convenience, and swiftness [...]