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Digital Transformation In The Healthcare Industry—A Force For Good

By Amit Srivastav Imagine being cured of recurring migraines by personalized genome-based prescriptions. Or, being reminded by your connected watch to limit your portions at meal times to keep diabetes at bay. Imagine being able to stay calm during a medical emergency and simply arrive at the closest hospital, without frantically putting together your medical [...]

Divining the Future of Healthcare with Predictive Analytics

Guest post by Sanjay Govil in Electronic Health Reporter It’s impossible to see the future with certainty, but one branch of technology is playing a leading role in helping institutions and industries predict, on the basis of empirical research, the future behavior of participants and the outcomes of their decisions. Tis relatively new branch [...]

Infinite Computer Solutions wins two Gold Awards in the 12th Annual 2017 IT World Awards®

The Information Technology Industry’s Coveted Hot Companies and Best Products Award Winners will be honored at the 2017 SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner in San Francisco on Monday, June 26, 2017 Rockville, United States, June 14,2017/ -- Rockville, MD – June 14, 2017 – Infinite Computer Solutions announced today that Network Products Guide, [...]

Next-Generation Commerce Has Arrived, And Technology Is Shaping It

By Upinder Zutshi It was the early 2000s when the iTunes Music Store sold a million songs in the first week of its launch. That simple act of sitting in front of a computer screen instead of walking into a record shop, and purchasing a song online—not a full album, not a physical record [...]

5 ways that you can set your sales team up for Success!

By Anjana Arora - Senior VP, Market Strategy At the heart of any organization’s growth is its sales team. The people it consists of, the opportunities they are uniquely positioned to seize and the way they deliver results all play a crucial role in defining a company’s outlook and the path it adopts to evolve [...]

Employment Creation – The Ultimate Form of Social Responsibility

By Sanjay Govil - Chairman I was navigating regular weekday traffic on my way to office the other day, when I looked around at all the others, who like me were heading to work. Almost everyone I saw, across socio-economic categories, was at work—for some, work had already begun, while others were starting their day. [...]

Are mobile wallets the answer for cashless economies?

By Upinder Zutshi Somewhere in Caracas, Venezuela, the owner of a small cigarette kiosk takes home his day’s earnings in big plastic bags. Due to excessive inflation, the local bolivar is so devalued that people cannot carry money for their needs in wallets anymore, resorting to filling entire handbags or backpacks with cash. As a [...]

“It is not the strongest that survive… but the ones most responsive to change”

By Sanjay Govil  A giant in the entertainment industry for over 90 years, Disney has been long adored for bringing magical entertainment and experiences to people. In a world with changing customer preferences and new challenges, Disney consciously made it one of their strategic priorities to use the latest technology platforms to engage better with [...]

Have Digital Monitors, Such as Fitbit, Run Their Course  in Providing Benefits to Users?

Q. Have Digital Monitors, Such as Fitbit, Run Their Course  in Providing Benefits to Users? The short answer is no, but it is much more complex than that. Wearable technology is evolving; users of these devices need  to familiarize themselves with the regular updates that are provided from wearables and then respond accordingly to [...]

From The Classroom To The Boardroom

How can we challenge our employees to “stay hungry, stay foolish”? As a young student at Reed College, Steve Jobs dropped into a calligraphy class. The session was not part of his main course curriculum. It was an interest—an extracurricular activity—that Steve was developing in his spare time. This calligraphy class decided the fonts that [...]