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Agile Solutions for Project Management

Adopting agile development principles is an effective means of overcoming challenges created by the dynamic pace of the IT industry. Organizations around the world use agile project management solutions to rein in costs and stay competitive.

Agile development methodology provides multiple opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle. Agile solutions track every phase of development and revisit them throughout the project development process.

This continuous evaluation creates the opportunity for ongoing process improvement, greatly reducing both development cost and time to market.

Why Infinite?

  • Our unparalleled vision for agile implementation and our ability to measure, manage and define delivery criteria provide our customers with a unique formula for success.
  • Our delivery process accelerators: Infinite’s own Kabanzi framework and hybrid agile delivery model maximize the benefits of agile solutions by customizing and building a model best-suited to customer needs.
  • We emphasize a customer-centric attitude, business-driven IT solutions, a value-driven delivery life cycle and risk management.
  • Our agile Center of Excellence (CoE) facilitates access to the latest platforms, frameworks, tools and best practices.
  • Our proven ability to mitigate risk through our DevOps best practices of continuous integration and test automation deployment ensure reliability.

Service Offerings

Agile Assessment

Agile Adoption

Agile Transformation

Agile Coaching

Agile Maturity Evaluation

Agile Governance

Key Benefits

Measure, Manage & Define

Delivery Process Accelerators

Continuous Learning