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Enterprise Analytics Solution

As the amount of world data skyrockets, businesses are tapping into big data to address complex issues more and more frequently with more frequency.  As data-backed decision-making becomes the gold the normal standard, advanced enterprise analytics solutions are now critical to business functionality.

Infinite’s enterprise analytics solutions extract insights from big data to support the decision-making that powers change and growth. Whether using statistical models, systems integration, data visualization or big data, Infinite helps businesses extract underlying patterns and take knowledgeable action.

We offer the perfect blend of traditional and next-gen business intelligence platforms that empower businesses with advanced data insights. Our globally-sourced technical competencies encompass every segment of enterprise analytics, and we hold a track record of successfully extracting high-value, actionable insights from even the largest data sets.

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Infinite’s Enterprise Analytics Solution Capabilities

  • Big data analytics: Collect, parse and interpret large data sets for big-picture insights.
  • Predictive analytics: Extrapolate future trends from key patterns and behaviors using statistical models.
  • Data warehouse/BI analytics: Consolidate and integrate enterprise data sets for a consistent operational overview.
  • Data visualization: Improve data comprehension and interpretation with clear, intuitive displays.

Why Infinite?

  • Solution Partnerships: Our solution partnerships include major players from all facets of the enterprise analytics field.
  • Integrated Offerings: Infinite’s enterprise analytics solutions are a one-stop shop for end-to-end data management.
  • Platform-driven solutions: Infinite’s service-oriented architecture helps optimize application functionality and eliminate redundancies.
  • Center of Excellence & BI Lab: On-premise BI and analytics research labs facilitate continuous exploration of niche technologies and innovative enterprise analytics solutions.

Enterprise Analytics Solution Offerings


Blueprinting helps enterprises define processes as a roadmap for future success. Infinite’s blueprinting offerings include architecture assessment, roadmap definition, technical assessment, diagnosis and recommendations. We leverage disruptive technologies at the forefront of the enterprise analytics field to provide clients with tailored solutions optimized to their needs.

Application Development Services

Our application development and maintenance services are SMAC-ready and accommodate big data insights and disruptive technologies using an innovative, adaptive approach.

Continuous Improvement

Infinite is committed to ongoing research and development to help clients continuously adapt to next-generation technologies. Our ongoing improvements include fine-tuning software, migrating data to new platforms and developing and implementing version upgrades.

Maintenance & Support

Infinite’s dedication to client success drives a reliable, knowledgeable client service team. Our experts are available for consult and support on an ongoing basis and ensure continuous management of existing and legacy client applications.

Key Benefits

One-Stop Shop

Infinite’s enterprise analytics service offerings span the entire business analytics field for a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Platformization-Driven Approach

Infinite’s platformization-driven approach differentiates our services by offering solutions built on-premise and tailored to meet customer needs. With our out-of-the-box solutions, clients can visualize final results before we begin implementation.

Solution Accelerators and Frameworks

We leverage our in-house solution accelerators, solution enablers and customizable frameworks to meet client needs. These custom-built engines are scalable to allow for seamless configuration and code modification.

Cross-Domain Competency

Our enterprise analytics experts leverage a wide range of data analytics competencies including big data, data visualization, predictive analytics and data warehouse & BI.

Cost Efficiency

Our platformization-driven approach reuses existing code and decouples key functionalities from costly and obsolete applications while leveraging existing assets for significant overall cost reduction.

Increased Agility

Our enterprise analytics blueprint offering facilitates rapid restructuring and re-configuration of business processes. We consult businesses on optimal courses of action that align technical solutions to their unique needs efficiently.

Heightened Competitive Advantage

Our niche offerings and innovative solutions help businesses enter new markets and surpass competition by strategically developing and offering superior services.

Shorter Time to Market

Our enterprise analytics allow businesses to extrapolate solutions’ key success factors, enabling IT teams to rapidly support and implement optimal solutions, significantly cutting time to market.


Sentiment Analytics

Our social listening platform collects and analyzes information from various social media networks to determine public sentiment and customer feedback, delivering deep insights into target audience psyches.

Recommendation Platform

Our recommendation platform uses machine-learning algorithms and a collaborative filtering approach built on Hadoop frameworks to recommend end users with relevant data insights.

Operational Log Analytics Platform

Our operational log analytics platform interacts with streaming devices and processes their operational data to provide real-time analytical insights.

Predictive Analytics Platform

Our predictive analytics platform mines information using multiple statistical modeling techniques to help enterprises predict events like risk, fraud, churn, wellness and behavior.