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Enterprise Mobility Platform

Power your enterprise with the latest mobility, computing and intelligent solutions. Mobile technology and enterprise-grade mobile applications have become core to effectively serving customers and facilitating real-time decision-making. Infinite’s enterprise mobility solutions are simple, adaptive, dependable and cost-effective and they empower digital transformation through accelerated business operations streamlining.

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Enterprise Mobility Solution 3C Framework

Infinite offers a proven enterprise mobility suite for clients centered on a 3C (create, control and connect) framework. We deliver user-centric mobile apps for consumers (B2C), customers (B2B) and employees (B2E) on an integrated, open, standards-based platform.

  • Create: Create enterprise mobile applications (native, hybrid and web) for leading mobile operating systems (IOS, Android and Windows) with industry-proven MEAP / MADP platforms. Turn unexplored mobile territory from a liability into a disruptive new profit-center.
  • Connect: Connect applications to existing enterprise systems and deliver back-end data and functionality to mobile apps - the backbone of any true-mobile application.
  • Control: Secure and support mobile applications with intelligent and context-aware enterprise mobility management solutions - the ultimate engine of efficiency and threat mitigation.

Why Infinite?

Infinite solution partners benefit from our extensive experience and expertise. While enterprise mobility solutions address both business and IT needs, clients gain an additional competitive advantage: they innovate first, benefit first and become leaders in their markets.

Infinite offers innovative solutions for a variety of platforms for rapid rollout of enterprise-mobile applications.

Centers of Excellence

Strategic Alliances

Rapid Scalability

Advanced Solution Accelerators

Vertical-Agnostic Expertise

Deep Industry Expertise

Enterprise Mobility Solution Service Offerings

  • Enterprise mobility consulting services to advise companies on optimal mobility solutions best-fitted to their business needs.
  • Enterprise mobile app and solution development services, including native, cross-platform, hybrid wearable and M2M applications.
  • Enterprise mobile solution deployment services to streamline rapid, integrated implementation.
  • Enterprise mobility solutions and digital transformation based on SMAC/CAMSS: seamlessly evolve with a fast-paced industry to maintain functionality and competitive advantage.
  • Responsive web design services: cultivate a sleek and modern image for your business with advanced web design services closely tailored to reflect your business’s brand and values.
  • UI/UX design services: improve productivity with a user-friendly interface and seamless user experience.
  • Mobile app QA/testing services ensure top-quality results.
  • Mobile BI and analytics: get insights into application user activity, predictions and other critical insights in a customizable, user-friendly dashboard.
  • Enterprise mobilization for legacy systems and applications: modernize existing applications by making them successful from laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Digital content rendering: digitize old materials to integrate with mobile solutions.
  • Enterprise mobility management (EMM) services: securely manage enterprise-wide devices with a central, remote management system. EMM services include:
  1. Mobile device management (MDM/BYOD).
  2. Mobile application management.
  3. Mobile support management.
  4. Mobile operations management.
  5. Mobile application analytics.
  • Enterprise mobility app verification and validation (V&V) services ensure compliance and functionality.

Enterprise Mobility Solution Platforms

Enterprise Mobility Platform

As the Internet of Things and global connectivity become expected norms in the business world, enterprises are transitioning to mobile solutions to keep up with industry changes. Our enterprise mobility platform powers this mobility through digital transformation, boosting overall performance, scalability, usability and connectivity.

Mobile Device Management

Centralized device management facilitates smooth, context-aware communication that powers collaboration and innovation. Infinite’s mobile device management services allow companies to remotely manage mobile devices across their enterprise while relying on enhanced device and company security.

Enterprise Messaging Service

Integrated and streamlined enterprise messaging powers productivity and profitability. Infinite offers secure, reliable and cost-effective enterprise messaging services that empower smooth connectivity and engagement with customers and partners.

Mobile Asset Tracking Platform

With increased mobility comes a need for mobile file sharing and asset tracking. With Infinite, companies benefit from flexible asset tracking options to bolster enterprise asset security and visibility.

Key Benefits

Center of Excellence (CoE) teams generate innovative solutions for rapid rollout of enterprise mobile solutions across a variety of platforms. Each CoE team spans domain experts, subject matter experts and architects.

  • Alliances with technology leaders like IBM and Oracle: gain insight and competitive edge through industry insider insights.
  • Experienced domain experts in leading cross-platform app development tools: drop the barriers between businesses, departments, back-end integrations and more.
  • Strategic partner ecosystem in social, mobility, analytics and cloud (SMAC) space: accelerate solution development, deployment and infrastructure/architecture integration.
  • Rapid and scalable design, implementation and deployment models: benefit from models built on worldwide enterprise solution experience.
  • Innovative in-house IP, solution accelerators and frameworks: break the stagnation and frustration of the development and deployment process.
  • Expertise and experience in productivity, workflow, sales automation and analytic/insight tools for mobility solution development.
  • End the cycle of exploding budgets and endless reworking.
  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Verticals Supported
  • Solution Architecture
  • Testing Management & Development
  • Niche Offerings

Enterprise Mobility Testing Services (V&V)

Infinite ensures end-to-end compliance and functionality with validation and verification (V&V) services for mobile applications on any mobile platform. Our subject matter experts test applications in state-of-the-art labs equipped to perform thorough V&V checks.

Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions include:

  • Mobile device management (MDM/BYOD).
  • Mobile application management.
  • Mobile support management.
  • Mobile operations management.
  • Mobile application analytics.

Infinite’s Enterprise Mobility Solution Development Philosophy

Infinite’s cutting-edge technology solutions help companies utilize and create new technologies to remain competitive in a fast-paced business environment.

We provide mobile application development on various mobile platforms currently available on the market, including iPhone/iOS, Android, Blackberry, J2ME and new device-independent technologies like HTML5/CSS3. Our team of experts is trained in mobile application and website development on these platforms.