iTaaS – Cloud-based Tech Support

Are daily demands on your IT infrastructure affecting more critical operations? Infinite’s cloud-based iTaaS offering allows you the flexibility to choose a level of support that suits your needs. Transform your IT infrastructure management operations from a cost center to a competitive advantage. Let Infinite iTaaS enable the journey.

Solution Features

iTaaS has been designed to work in a modular fashion to suit unique needs of your company. It offers…

  • iTaaS Incident Management.
  • iTaaS Problem Management.
  • iTaaS Change Management.
  • iTaas Service Level Management.
  • iTaas Knowledge Management.

Why Infinite?

As user locations and access devices proliferate, iTaaS ensures that standardized support is available to the end users across these channels and mediums.
40% of employees in small enterprises want any device, anywhere work style. iTaaS is easily adaptable to integrate various devices on the go.
75% of incidents across these devices are repeat in nature. iTaaS can handle these incidents with automatic routing, meeting more stringent SLA norms easily.
With CIOs running their IT functions as lean supply chains, help desks are being increasingly viewed as an operating overhead. Outsourcing this function using iTaaS ensures you pay for usage and not headcount.

Key Benefits

  • Quicker incident resolution translating to greater customer delight.
  • Automation of root cause identification and resolution resulting in the decrease in number of incidents.
  • Proactive mitigation of risks associated with complex changes and ensuring business continuity above all else.
  • Enables prioritization of incidents based upon Service Contracts and SLAs ensuring that critical customers are constantly delighted.
  • Generates a Knowledge Base (KB) which translates into increase in customer self-help and decrease in the volume of level-1 incidents.