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iTaaS – Cloud-based Tech Support

Are daily demands on your IT infrastructure impacting critical operations? Infinite’s cloud-based iTaaS offering provides you the flexibility to choose a level of support that suits your needs. Transform your IT infrastructure management operations from a cost center to a competitive advantage. Let Infinite’s iTaaS enable the journey.

Solution Features

iTaaS has been designed to work in a modular fashion to fit your company’s unique needs. It offers:

  • iTaaS incident management: notification, analysis and resolution of service interruptions and other system faults.
  • iTaaS problem management: identify system issues for diagnosis and resolution.
  • iTaaS change management: implement and track system changes.
  • iTaas service-level management: manage, monitor and deploy resources and services based on demand.
  • iTaas knowledge management: capture, structure and share information throughout the business.

Why Infinite?

Universal Access


Stringent SLAs

CIO Value

Key Benefits

  • Quicker incident resolution, translating to greater customer satisfaction.
  • Automation of root cause identification and resolution, resulting in a decrease in incidents.
  • Proactive mitigation of risks associated with complex changes and ensuring business continuity above all else.
  • Prioritization of incidents based upon service contracts and SLAs, ensuring that critical customers are consistently satisfied with system performance.
  • Generates a knowledge base, which translates into an increase in customer self-help and decrease in the volume of level-1 incidents.