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Global Delivery Centers

Infinite’s worldwide presence brings resources closer to you when it matters. You are also able to access a talent pool that works for your business from multiple geographies, blurring the distances between them via unified platform of engagement. With centers of excellence, sales offices, innovation labs and delivery centers spread across the world, Infinite is [...]

Strategic Alliances

At Infinite, we believe that the future of work is collaborative. We’ve partnered with several organizations worldwide that are excellent at the work they do. When we find natural points of convergence in their approach to IT solutions and services, we enter into strategic alliances with them. The objective is to become greater than the [...]

Risk Reward Model

Infinite brings accountability-led, outcome-based engagement models to the table, increasing our stake in your business’ success. This approach has enabled us to forge deeper and more valuable relationships with our client partners. Infinite's domain specialists begin by working closely with you to work out the engagement model that best suits the business' need. With the [...]

Infinite 2.0

Infinite is committed to becoming an organization that delights its customers and instills a sense of pride in its people. The result of this transformation is what we call Infinite 2.0 As part of the Infinite 2.0 charter, we resolve to achieve our full potential by living the core values of the company: Integrity, Intellect [...]

Infinite Difference

Infinite is driven by the passion to make you succeed, we’re clear that it is only in your success that we find ours. All of our innovation, people, resources and business models are aligned to this goal: to make you succeed. This is what sets us apart. What sets Infinite apart? Global Innovation: Infinite is [...]