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PES Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence

Robust Center-of-Excellence (CoE) approach.

Encourages innovation and delivers value to clients and ecosystem partners.

Infinite’s Center-of-Excellence (CoE) focuses on challenges specific to the telecom and industrial domains and proactively building internal competencies to design and develop solutions. One of the major success factors in our continuous CoE investments has been the ability to successfully deploy our CoE initiatives as solutions in our client's ecosystems.

Why Infinite?

Our CoE focuses on extending technological competencies in the areas of software defined Networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), test automation framework (TAF), the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.

Product Highlights

  • Two of the CoE initiatives, test automation framework and CCN routing, have already been adopted by end customers with the necessary customization.
  • Distributed sensor gateways are part of our IoT initiative, which focuses on enabling sensor data to be sent in real-time to target audiences through the cloud.
  • SDN service provisioning application and OpenFlow Client are targeted to help our clients rollout SDN-based solutions in the Service Provider Network.

Product Service Offerings

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Test Automation Framework

With a plethora of experience in testing by virtue of our advanced test labs, we are a trusted partner in developing comprehensive test frameworks that accelerate product development. Our IGAF is a cloud-hosted solution supporting top defect management tools and runs any automation script without requiring any knowledge about executing scripts.

Key Features of IGAF

  • Platform-hosted & cloud-hosted options.
  • Customized reporting in multiple formats.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Rapid ROI.
  • Easy maintenance and version control.
  • Works with all flavors of testing tools.
  • Effective integration with CI tools.

SDN Service Provisioning

Infinite is developing an SDN service-provisioning application and OpenFlow client which is targeted to helping our customers rollout SDN-based solutions in the Service Provider Network. This solution is designed to meet the key challenges in deploying SDN solutions.

  • Integration with existing network equipment to offer traditional and openFlow enabled services.
  • Security.
  • Scalability (controller and forwarding).
  • Adaptation to emerging OpenFlow standards.

Key Benefits

  • Our service provisioning SDN solution helps our clients realize OPEX and CAPEX savings.
  • Our solution provides seamless integration with different standard SDN controllers.
  • Automation of SDN testing of Open Flow devices.
  • Our solution has a bundle of services which are capable of answering the key challenges that we have seen across many organizations.
  • Our solution offers faster rollouts, maximum ROI and minimal TCO.

CCN Routing

Infinite’s CCN Framework addresses the two critical aspects of expanding user demands and operator constraints by targeting a golden mean which multiplies network performance and capacity, keeping investment to a minimum.

Key Features of our SDN-CCN solution:

  • Content Distribution: includes implementing CCN as an overlay over IP networks by creating its components as virtual network functions.
  • Mobility: includes enabling content caching across the network, resulting in seamless content distribution encompassing mobility and multiple devices in the user environment.
  • Cloud Deployment: includes creating private and public clouds using the OpenStack platform and deploying, provisioning and managing apps using OpenDaylight & Floodlight controllers.

Real Time Sensor Data

As part of the end-to-end device cloud deployment initiative in the industrial automation domain, we enable real-time data transfer from industrial data acquisition devices to smartphones with the aid of WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Enables live device discovery.
  • The data acquisition devices connect local Wi-Fi access points to update a server over HTTPS on the Internet regarding device status and result.
  • The solution replicates the data acquisition device screen on the smartphone in real time.
  • The smartphone UI is customized as per the needs of the user.
  • Data acquisition device-side constraints can be overcome using the more feature-rich mobile app.
  • The solution also virtualizes OpenStack Server, running a web app which is updated as device acquisition devices show up and new test results are available. These are also viewable on a smartphone over the web.
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