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Infinite Computer Solutions Ltd. provides technology based business process solutions, next-gen mobility solutions and product engineering services, specializing in the Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Telecommunications & Technology and Media & Publishing industries, for Fortune 1000 companies. Their solutions build on proprietary industrial frameworks that significantly reduce work effort and cost while providing faster go-to-market speeds and nimble responses to market dynamics, a solution they call Platformization™. Infinite has over 5,000 employees and 8 global delivery centers.

Established in 1999, Infinite today is a publicly listed entity headquartered in Bangalore, India, with an expanse across three continents, a diverse employee base and over 50 premier clients, including several leading Fortune 1000 companies. The journey so far has been as remarkable as it has been definitive.

Our Values

Infinite instills a strong sense of values amongst employees through the spirit of I-N-F-I-C-S, where each letter has a strong meaning.

foster inspire challenge support

Infinite Vision

Delighted Customers; Proud Employees.

Infinite Mission

To maximize value for customers by delivering high quality solutions and services; driven by Intellect, Innovation and Integrity; in a fun, and healthy environment.

Infinite Logo

The Infinite logo reflects the corporate philosophy which is deep-rooted in our organizational beliefs. The three sides of the equilateral triangle represent an environment created by the employees, the stakeholders and the customers, emphasizing the organization’s collaborative ethos.

Infinite Computer Solutions Ltd.

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” href=”http://www.infinite.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/journey.jpg” rel=”prettyPhoto”>Infinite Computer Solutions Ltd Journey

Infinite’s Edge has stemmed from creating opportunities where none existed, identifying solutions to daunting challenges with an unwavering commitment to quality – these are the drivers of success at Infinite that differentiate us from others, enabling us, year on year, to create our niches through the values we cherish.

At Infinite we believe that our success is closely linked to that of the customer. That is why we have entered into relationships with some of the global leaders across Telecom, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities and Banking & Finance verticals. Our clients are some of the world’s most valuable corporations, and Infinite’s association helps them harness the power of IT to sharpen their competitive edge. Our engagements are varied, from entering into IP-based partnerships to pure-play IT services. Our strengths lie in being close to the customer, investing in the relationships, with the aim of aligning closely with the customer’s business objectives.
The culture at Infinite instills a sense of pride in the workforce. With our strong belief engaging with the employee, Infinite has initiatives like I-Engage and I-Verve. They facilitate pro-active engagement between employees and their managers, enabling a healthy, positive relationship, with open and clear channels of communication.

I-Verve is the Employees’ Club which represents the collective energy of the organization, where each employee can participate, contribute and live up to the I-Verve ethos. The club aims to infuse an element of fun while fostering the energy, vigor, dynamism of employees with all its possibilities.

I-Engage conducts induction, orientation and on-boarding programs to help new employees understand the objectives of the organization, besides making them feel welcome. It is also an initiative dedicated to manage everything that’s fun at work, whose prime focus is to provide a slew of employee friendly initiatives, through onsite value added services and managed employee benefit programs. It also manages the Employee Help Desk and Employee Lounge at Infinite while implementing and executing proactive employee relations program to create a positive organizational culture.

Our women’s network ‘Wired Women’ enables women employees in various aspects of their professional and personal lives including career development, financial management, work-life balance and social empowerment.

Infinite Olympiad is a grand sporting event that is designed to create a healthy, competitive environment amongst employees beyond work.

The Olympiad brings the whole company together in the form of 6 teams, each with about 250 members competing across over 25 categories of indoor and outdoor games and other cultural competitions. It is aimed at fostering a culture of team loyalties in a competitive environment. Winning teams walk away with the Grand Prize and Rolling Trophy.

Infinite’s focus on sports re-vitalizes people and enhances creative thinking. It helps build respect for team members, opponents and other officials. It not only creates a positive atmosphere, but also helps people creating participation and involvement in the work being done.

Infinite’s commitment to investors is brought alive by strong corporate governance policies. If we are to drive sustainable corporate growth, and enhance stakeholder value, good corporate governance is critical. Infinite believes in transparency in all elements of the stakeholder relationship. Over the years we have made detailed disclosures a hallmark of our communication with investors. For more information please visit our Investor Page.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Infinite we believe that we owe our success to the society we are a part of; that is why we constantly seek to give back to society via our social initiatives. The employees of Infinite extend support, conduct and manage the activities aimed at social causes through the Infinite Employees’ Club called I-Verve. This club coordinates and organizes Infinite’s employee contributions to various causes including drought relief and blood donation camps in addition to long term association with select causes.

Infinite extends support via sponsorship to the students of Parikrma – a program that involves contributing financially and in kind towards the welfare of under privileged children, helping them meet nutrition, healthcare and education needs. Infinite also sponsors some of the students of Parikrma.

Infinite encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship in youngsters through various programs including the The Young Entrepreneurs Program with TiE DC chapter, a program that stimulates creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in high school students.

At Infinite we understand that real change happens when communities are enabled in a manner that has a sustained developmental impact. It is our objective to aid this enablement through a series of structured programs in the communities we are present in.

A corporate’s responsibility is complete only when its community and social responsibility activities are made sustainable, focused and result-oriented. In order to do so, Infinite has initiated setting up Infinite Foundation, a Trust that will bring all social responsibility initiatives under one umbrella.

Infinite Labour and Ethics Policy

In addition to giving back to the society, we constantly strive to be compliant with the laws and regulations governing the labour and ethics practices of the various countries that we operate out of.

We at, “Infinite”,

  • Are committed to be a fair employer, meeting the labour laws of the local jurisdiction and conduct our business according to the highest level of integrity.
  • Are committed to complying with business ethics and regulations that govern our nature of business.
  • Are committed to meeting the customer and industry standards that regulate of business.
  • Are committed to ensure our supplier and contractors are aware of the policies that govern our business processes.

Infinite Environment, Health and Safety Policy

In addition to giving back to the society, we also focus on the environment, health and safety through a constantly evolving policy stated below:

We at, “Infinite”,

  • Are committed to minimize the harmful effects of the day-to-day operations’ impact upon the environment by adopting latest technologies, whenever and wherever practicable.
  • Shall comply with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment standards and all relevant regulations.
  • Shall be committed to comply with applicable legal and other requirements
  • Shall follow appropriate methods for Prevention of Pollution, Injuries & Ill-health including environmental legislation, through continual improvement
  • Shall communicate with local communities to minimize any disturbance caused by our works.
  • Shall ensure our suppliers and contractors are aware of this Policy.
  • Shall conduct the activities in such a way as to take foremost account of the Health and Safety of the Employees and other parties

Our Leadership Team

Sanjay Govil

Upinder Zutshi

Upinder Zutshi
CEO & Managing Director

Anurag Lal

Anurag Lal
CEO, Infinite Convergence

Sanjeev Gulati

Sanjeev Gulati
EVP & Chief Financial Officer

Ashoka Tankala

Ashoka Tankala
EVP, Head-Finance & Operations

Vamsee Chepur

Vamsee Chepur
SVP & BU Head-Telecom/Media/Hi-Tech

Himachal Mukhopadhyay

Himachal Mukhopadhyay
SVP and Healthcare BU Head

Harish Pai

Harish Pai
SVP & CTO – Business Technology Solutions

Rajesh Rao
SVP – Healthcare Delivery

Anjana Arora
SVP – Market Strategy

Jai Mohan
SVP & The Delivery Head
for Technology Solutions

Sanjesh Rao
SVP – Federal IT and Product Development 

Bob Dorsch
SVP – Life Innovation and Digital Transformation

Shailendra Sharma
SVP Strategic Sales

Vineed Konkoth
SVP and BU Head for Product Engineering Solutions (PES)

Awards and Recognition