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By MEF, Aug 04, 2016

Consumer trust and engagement is imperative for a healthy mobile ecosystem. Anurag Lal, CEO of MEF Member Infinite Convergence, explains how self-regulation and technology innovation can protect the mobile industry’s value proposition.

In the newly released Jason Bourne movie, a hot technology company called Deep Dream, a fictionalized Facebook, announces amazing mobile social media technology with much fanfare.

Deep Dream, unfortunately, turns out to be a front company for the CIA, which is using the technology to spy on every private citizen in the world. As a result of this disclosure of the technology industry’s massive betrayal of trust to its citizenry, public outrage — and multiple high-speed car chase scenes — ensue.

That such large-scale breaches of consumer trust are now being featured so prominently in Hollywood blockbusters should come up as a wake-up call to those of us in the mobile industry who may be in our own “deep dream” — laser-focused on executing our own business models without considering the possibility that a massive failure in consumer trust could put us all out of business in a hurry.

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