News / The Changing Face of the Telecom Industry
By Chee Leng Loy, Apr 04, 2016

The telecommunications sector has grown at a pace beyond imagination and is changing rapidly. If an organization does not embrace new technologies in telecom, they will eventually lose competitive advantage and customers in the long run. While new technologies are not possible in all industries (e.g. human craftsmanship is required in many industries and cannot be replaced with machines), it can still be a force multiplier for many organizations in customer engagement, operational efficiencies, new service creations, and service quality.

Perks of Telecom Industry

Many CIOs and CEOs do not understand how new developments in telecommunications can be a transformative force within their organizations. For example, despite the growth of Smartphone penetration and the mobile app space, many companies have failed to come up with a comprehensive mobile strategy.  The more strategic and forward thinking companies will, however, look at how they can leverage the user experiences and preferences in IM communications to enhance business and customer communications. IM services, such as Whatsapp and WeChat, have transformed SMS messaging on smartphones.

About 5 years ago, SMS was the de rigueur messaging solution for the population.

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