News / Enabling Secure Mobile Messaging for Enterprises on Multiple Platform and Devices
By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Jan 27, 2016

Communication in the workplace is undergoing a huge shift – the way employees, partners and stakeholders communicate with each other both internally and externally is expanding into new technologies and platforms.

Old methods, like fax machines and pagers, have either decreased in usage or have disappeared from traditional workplaces. In their place enters alternative methods with increased capabilities for faster, better and more effective communication.

While email continues to be the most widely used communication channel, it’s quickly fading as the dominant channel as a direct result of consumers’ growing preference for more instant messaging communication. As an example, we recently conducted a study that found 44 percent of employees regularly use mobile messaging apps to communicate throughout the workday. They’re communicating on a variety of different operating systems – iOS, Windows, Android, etc. But it’s not just phones that employees are leveraging for communication.

Employees are also beginning to integrate other mobile devices, like tablets and wearables, into their communication habits. Smart watches, glasses, headsets – the new wearable devices available are only beginning to take off for business communication use.

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