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By The DQ Week, Nov 20, 2014

Almost 90% of today’s available data has been created in the past two years. If this is not all, data is expected to grow 44 times in the coming decade. Moreover, over 80% of world-wide data remains unused for any kind of analysis. Why would this be an oceanic opportunity for any Enterprise? Let us take a deeper dive into it and try to understand!

This vast dataset lures us with the opportunity to analyze it. With data usage increasing globally at an exponential rate, most organizations have started to rely heavily on creating analytics solutions around it to discover meaningful insights for taking better business decisions. Enterprise Analytics enables organizations to leverage the Cloud and provide end to end data aggregation and analysis capabilities. Developing Analytics on the Cloud to support Business Intelligence and Analysis capabilities is the key objective. Effective strategic and operational business decisions can be made based on the search, analysis and visualization of data in real-time in order to get actionable information for making effective business decisions. In addition predictive analysis can be very useful to predict trends and patterns.

The IT industry today is experiencing a paradigm shift from building a mere decision support system towards implementing trustworthy Analytics Solutions by using new enhanced technologies. This has created a global buzz around Data Analytics which now has become one of the top technology priorities for CXOs. Based on a survey, 83% of CIOs cited “Data Analytics” as part of their visionary plans to be competitive and to enhance their competitiveness.

Beyond rapid data growth, technology too is playing a vital role in conceptualization of Analytics Solutions for discovering meaningful insights. Processing and analyzing unstructured BIG Data, which was unthinkable a few years back, has become the need of the hour for most of the businesses to compete and survive. SMAC, the acronym for social, mobility, analytics and cloud, is not just the latest buzzword but it's also quickly becoming a business reality. Most of Enterprises have the vision of using social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies to work in more collaborative and real-time ways. With technology spreading its wings and expanding data volume, more and more Analytics possibilities are available in the market and can help an Organization mine data to get hidden insights for making efficient business decisions thereby transforming data into dollars.

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created every day & frequent invention of technology to handle this data/information, there is a burning need within organizations to be able to mine them to isolate vital patterns that can help them make better business decisions. All this would be possible if enterprises have the ability to harness, ingest & analyze valuable data & information that is taking the entire IT industry by storm.

Infinite’s Enterprise Analytics platforms & skills has the capability to harness, ingest & analyze valuable data and isolate vital patterns from a gigantic dataset for making better and efficient business decisions. Enterprises with vision are using social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies to work in more collaborative and real-time ways. Analytics extract insights from your data to deliver change-enabling value. Whether through analytical models, systems integration, or Big Data analytics we can help you make the best possible business decisions. Our Enterprise Analytics solution offerings are a perfect blend of traditional and next-gen business intelligence platforms that enable our customers get improved data insight. With our technical competency touching every segment of Enterprise Analytics and execution footprints across the globe, we have successfully delivered Analytic Solutions that have enabled our customers extract hidden insights buried within large, unwieldy datasets.

Neeraj Pandey
Technical Architect, CoE
Infinite Computer Solution (India) Ltd.

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