News / ICS Hopes To Break Into Indian Market With RCS
Sep 20, 2013

A subsidiary of Infinite Computer Solutions and spun out of Motorola about three years ago, Infinite Convergence Solutions (ICS), a wireless messaging and mobility solutions provider, is eying the Indian market for its Rich Communication Suite (RCS).

One of the biggest challenges being faced by the telcos globally is the threat from over-the-top players who are eating into their revenues. The telcos are struggling to innovate themselves to remain relevant to their consumers. Indian telcos are no different as they have started recording diminishing revenue from SMSs. (See: Telcos and OTT: How To Love The Partner You Hate and OTT Players Put Telcos In a Testing Spot.)

“The operators need to leverage their core assets to manage this threat. The telcos have strong core assets that include network, spectrum, phone numbers and their direct relationship with the consumer,” says Anurag Lal, Chief Executive Officer of ICS.

The company offers messaging solutions to the telcos and has launched RCS about a year ago. RCS is an industry effort focused on the use of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) for providing enhanced mobile services. Initiated by GSMA, RCS focuses on extending the communication options in a mobile network beyond voice services and SMS/MMS services. ICS believes that RCS is the right platform for telcos to innovate to address this challenge.

ICS offers messaging solutions to mobile operators and in the last 12 months has launched a rich communication suite (RCS). It also offers a cloud-based solution to enterprises.

The company has partnered with telecom equipment manufacturer, Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN), to address this market. NSN is packaging the ICS product with their IMS. ICS is in talks with most of the prominent telcos in the country and hopes to break into one soon.

Commenting on whether the telcos are slightly behind to address the OTT challenge, Lal says, "I have to acknowledge that they are little behind. If they were ahead you wouldn’t see what is going on in the industry now. The paradigm shift happened when smartphones became affordable. You can practically do anything on your phone. Nobody expected this. Telcos never realized the enormity of the situation. But now they have. And to their credit they are jumping on to the bandwagon."

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