News / Infinite Convergence brings messaging solutions to the enterprise and carriers
Jul 21, 2016

Texting is fast, immediate, understood and actionable. It does not seem to have the footprint of email. Messaging mounted from mobile devices has many advantages. But the problem is that if these communications are occurring outside of the communication network that the enterprise manages, issues of privacy, security, the safe keeping of corporate intellectual property and internal news, and much more are at risk. In many industries such as health care, education finance and defense, the “rogue” BYOD user might be shredding regulations or even violating national security safeguards. The initial impulse to ban or limit these communications has not worked and is probably wrong headed in terms of embracing technical progress.

In this podcast with President & CEO Anurag Lal we learn how Infinite Convergence and their flagship services, NetSfere and Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS) Plus provides safe, secure and robust messaging services to the enterprise. The firm also offers carrier grade solutions such as Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC). The company currently serves 130 million subscribers globally.

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