News / Look beyond the Ivy League: Entrepreneur Sanjay Govil's advice to students
By Uma Asher, Jan 25, 2017

US-based businessman Sanjay Govil studied at both Ivy League and non-Ivy schools, and he says the most important thing is to match your interests with the strengths of the universities you apply to

Sanjay Govil is an Indian American businessman and chairman of Infinite Computer Solutions, a company he founded in 1999. He also owns the Delhi Acers badminton team. His passion for education has led him to support causes such as training programs for young entrepreneurs. He also sits on the graduate executive board of The Wharton School. On a recent visit to Delhi, he took chatted with BrainGain Magazine and shared some advice on studying abroad. Edited excerpts:

You went to school in Delhi, and then did your undergraduate degree in engineering at Auburn University in Alabama. What was it like academically, and also to adjust to a new culture?
Grade school was in Delhi – Mount St. Mary’s. My dad was a professor at IIT Delhi. During 12th grade, I moved to the US. I did my undergraduate studies at Auburn, because my father was teaching there. Then I worked at IBM, and did my master’s at Syracuse University. Later I did graduate work at The Wharton School of Business.

It was an interesting experience to move to Alabama. People often think the southeastern US is not very progressive, but I found that people there are welcoming, open, willing to learn. I also found that the education I had got in India was more than sufficient for me to survive in the US. What was interesting is that how we solve a problem in India is very different from how they do it in the US… in chemistry, for example, converting units from grams to ounces. Sometimes I’d get the right answer using the methodology I learned in India, and I could never quite convince the teacher how I got my answer!

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