News / Lost in Penn Station? Amtrak Has an App to Guide You
By Patrick McGeehan, Dec 13, 2017

Amtrak has developed an app to help navigate Pennsylvania Station, which can be a confusing labyrinth for even the most seasoned travelers. Credit Jeenah Moon for The New York Times

Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan is such a confusing, multilevel maze of corridors lined with pizza parlors and coffee shops that even veteran commuters occasionally get lost.

Starting on Wednesday, Amtrak, the national railroad that serves as the station’s landlord, will offer a guiding light in the form of a smartphone app. The free app, FindYourWay, was designed to help travelers navigate the labyrinthine station and to avoid the crowds that form around the electronic boards that provide train information.

“The experience in Penn Station, if you’re not there every day, can be daunting,” said Bob Dorsch, an Amtrak executive who oversaw the creation of the app. “We know that a ton of our customers stand at that big board and wait for the train gate to come up and scurry off to the ramp.”

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