News / Net Neutrality Decision: The Global Impact
By Anurag Lal, Jul 11, 2016

Last month, the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld its decision on Net neutrality, allowing the Internet to remain free and open. Following appeals and lawsuits put forth by mobile operators, in addition to major pushback from large service providers and cable operators, the FCC is celebrating the victory. While operators feel that the decision is ultimately a disservice to both themselves and consumers, in reality, it’s a huge win for consumers.

A brief recap: the FCC first proposed Net neutrality in 2009, which at the time was called the Open Internet Order. Since that time, Net neutrality has faced lawsuits put forth by operators. Throughout this legal battle, the FCC has maintained that Net neutrality will be the driving force in protecting the availability of a free and open Internet by eliminating operators’ ability to increase speed on certain sites and slow it down on others. Even after this historic decision, Net neutrality decision will likely still face an ongoing legal battle – AT&T has already stated that it will continue to fight the decision – but in the immediate, it will prevent operators from subsidizing the success of various apps, services and websites that rely on the Internet and its underlying network.

For operators, this decision ultimately inflicts their ongoing and immediate effort to drive revenue and profit, but will ultimately have a great impact on how the freedom of the Internet is driving the wider economy across the globe.

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