News / Next Generation Digital Services Week in Review: SS7, T-Mobile and Infinite Convergence Solutions
Dec 05, 2015

As the temperature continues to dip here in the United States the innovation in next generation digital services remains red hot. Providing innovative means of revenue creation and engagement, digital services will play a key role in the resurgence of service operators moving forward. With the weekend upon us, no better than time than the present to take a look at the week that was: time for the week in review!

T-Mobile (News - Alert) announced the availability of advanced messaging and video calling for the Galaxy Note 4 this week. The mobile operator pushed through a couple updates that not only add rich communication services (RCS) but will also improve battery life, performance and security. TMC’s (News - Alert) Rory Lidstone has everything you need to know HERE.

Many of us are old enough to remember an era of payphones and collect calling, this week TMC’s Peter Scott illustrated the notion of “collect” doesn’t just apply to calls but SMS as well. In simple terms, collect SMS is as it sounds; text messaging where the receiving party pays for the messaging. This area of revenue generation is certainly on the up and up, and Scott’s full analysis can be found HERE.

Firewalls, many of us think of a line of security for our home PC or Mac. But as messaging technology has evolved, exposed vulnerability in SS7 protocol has created the need for greater security in IP messaging—enter signaling firewalls. Find all you need to know HERE.

Speaking of security, a recent study by Infinite Convergence (News - Alert) Solutions highlighted that too many professionals are not using secure messaging. The recent research illustrated that in healthcare, for example, 90 percent of healthcare workers are not using HIPAA compliant messaging technology. Oliver VanDervoort has all the details HERE.

Remember to stop by early and often for your fill of all things digital services. See you next week!

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