News / Rockville tech services company buys IBM’s talent acquisition software suite
Apr 16, 2021

Rockville tech services company buys IBM’s talent acquisition software suite

A Rockville information technology services company has agreed to acquire the business unit for three cloud software products from IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) in a deal announced Thursday.  

Infinite Computer Solutions Inc. — which provides services like cloud technology, human resources management, automation engineering, and analytics across multiple industries — will purchase IBM’s business suite of talent acquisition software, including IBM Lead Manager, BrassRing, and Onboard. 

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. A spokesperson for Infinite confirmed in an email the company would onboard "200 employees who are subject matter experts in talent acquisition, client success managers and engineers who are technically competent in the cloud and [software-as-a-service] product engineering and operations," following the closure of the acquisition, which is expected to occur within the next 90 days. 

The cloud-based software-as-a-service tools provide capabilities like applicant tracking, candidate relationship management, and employee onboarding. Those tools could be even more attractive to companies looking to recruit employees for telework jobs. The software suite is currently used by more than 240 global customers and had more than 4 million active users in the past year, according to Infinite.  

The move comes as the company prepares for what it anticipates will be a massive jobs recovery in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Sanjay Govil, Infinite’s founder and chairman, said in a statement. 

Company executives cited a report from the Conference Board Employment Trends Index, which projected “historically fast employment growth in the coming quarters” and an unemployment rate of 4% and falling a year from now. 

Govil, who is also the founder and CEO of health care technology company Zyter Inc., has had a working relationship with IBM as a contractor for at least two decades.


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