News / Secure Enterprise Messaging Service Gives Businesses Control Over Employee Communication
Mar 11, 2015

NetSfere, a new cloud-based internal enterprise messaging service launched today to provide businesses with a secure platform for internal communication and give IT departments complete control over how employees send and access information across multiple devices. The next-generation enterprise messaging service enables employees to securely communicate business information in real time over a user-friendly web interface or mobile messaging app. The new service for businesses is built on a private, highly secure platform that gives companies complete control over user privileges and company data.

NetSfere is a cloud-based messaging service that includes message encryption, device-to-device encryption and full administrative control of all accounts and devices, enabling businesses to manage internal enterprise communication in today’s increasingly Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) enterprise landscape. Through NetSfere’s interface, IT administrators have centralized control of end user policies, enabling IT teams to manage what enterprise information employees exchange through the app.

“Internal enterprise communication has evolved to include a wide range of devices and mediums – from strictly enterprise-approved email to communicating with coworkers on smartphones outside of work through over-the-top applications,” said Anurag Lal, president and CEO of Infinite Convergence, the mobility solutions provider that developed NetSfere. “Many enterprise IT teams are struggling to control what information is sent and keeping that information secure on the many platforms employees communicate on. Although there are a number of other internal enterprise messaging services on the market today, none are as simple, intuitive, secure and controllable as NetSfere, which is deployed entirely as a cloud-based service and includes device-to-device message encryption.”

According to Infinite Convergence’s 2014 Internal Enterprise Messaging Trends Study, 77 percent of IT decision makers believe a lightweight, secure internal messaging service would be valuable compared to their current means of enterprise communications. The survey also found that 68 percent say they are concerned about employees using third-party messaging and chat apps to communicate and send documents internally. As a cloud-based service, NetSfere is highly scalable and easy to implement, supporting global service availability, with the added security that enterprises don’t get while using third-party apps. The service also boasts robust message delivery, ensuring seamless message delivery via IP Push, MMS and SMS under all circumstances, including instances of poor coverage.

NetSfere is available as a native app on iOS and Android, as well as via desktop and mobile web browsers. The transfer of messages and associated content (such as attached pictures, videos and documents) through NetSfere is fully encrypted with industry-hardened security algorithms, meaning the message can only be opened on the receiving device. NetSfere is available immediately for customer trials across the globe and general availability will follow in the coming weeks.


NetSfere is architected around several core capabilities. These include:

When consumers upgrade to the new iPhone 6, slated to be announced Sept. 9, enterprises will need a way to ensure sensitive information on employees’ old devices cannot be accessed by anyone outside of the business. NetSfere allows IT departments to remotely wipe all data from the application on employees’ old devices and on past employees’ devices, and instantly update new devices with historical data giving enterprises much more control over the mass transition to the new iPhone.

The enterprise application was developed by Infinite Convergence Solutions, a next-generation wireless messaging and mobility solutions provider for enterprises and carriers. With a combined 2,000 years of messaging industry experience, NetSfere is backed by Infinite Convergence’s proven track record delivering trillions of messages globally.

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