News / Taking tips from dad for job search? It won’t help anymore!
By Anshuman Pattanaik, Nov 13, 2014

Have you lost your chance of getting a job? Possibilities are you might have cluttered your resume with things which are not relevant anymore. What mattered when your dad got hired is of no value today. With the changes in work culture, the benchmark for talent hiring has also evolved

There was a time when passing in first division would have guaranteed a good job. Today, even if you have scored over 80-90 per cent you will not get a job. Why? Simple, because there are other factors which have become more important than just education and domain knowledge.

Some of the processes recruiters were following for decades have become irrelevant today. Solutions lists some to help job-seekers understand what they should actually focus on:

Resumes are just a gate pass: For recruiters today, resumes are just a piece of information about the various milestones achieved by a candidate. It majorly focuses on the knowledge and skills of the candidate, but does not talk about behavior and attitude of the person, which matters more to the employer. Knowledge and skills are trainable, but behaviour is the most difficult to change.

Declining focus on education: Education can only be correlated to IQ but, it does not guarantee a high work intellect. IQ and work intellect are two different things. By focusing too much on education, companies tend to compromise on the softer aspects such as interpersonal skills and communication skills, which are more important for determining a person’s job success.

Beyond work experience: Companies used to give a lot of weightage to relevant work experience. But in this process they discount an overall rich experience (in terms of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking), which a candidate may bring to the table. With growing importance for these aspects, work experience has lost its significance.

Evolution of interview process: Some of the interview questions which a job-seeker must be preparing for are not relevant to the employer, today. Even if they ask these questions, a job-seekers candidature is not assessed on them. Some such questions include:

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