News / Trending 2017: Health Bots
By PharmaVOICE Staff, Dec 23, 2016

Over the past several years, technological innovations in the healthcare industry have come and gone, but only a handful of trends have matured and achieved widespread adoption among healthcare organizations, according to experts at TechTarget, who add that bots are another new development that is piquing the interest of healthcare organizations and attempting to become more than a fleeting trend.

Bots are intelligent systems that can interact with end-users via text through websites, short message service, and other pv1116_riteshpatelmeans to provide a service to users. For a health bot to become an established part of healthcare workflows, TechTarget says it must be defined how the health bot can provide value to user organizations. Intelligent bots leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing to offer a more natural interaction between humans and systems. The interest in health bots and chatbots increased significantly this spring, especially after the HIMSS 2016 conference where many platforms were showcased. Bot platforms help to automate processes — particularly real-time messaging — to improve efficiency and outcomes across the spectrum, from physician/patient interactions to insurance queries, clinical trial processes, and marketing.

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