News / The wellness quotient at workplace
Jan 30, 2014

Increasing globalisation and the ever-shrinking boundaries of the world have made life a lot more competitive. An average office-goer is expected to spend 40 waking hours a week at work; the reality however is that people spend a lot more than that at work. Add to this the commute to work and personal pressures that lead to immense stress and early burnout.

It is extremely crucial for organisations to be aware of this fact and make time spent in office more exciting and hence, ensure life is more enjoyable for their employees. As Donald Trump puts it, "If you're interested in balancing work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable."

From an organisation's perspective, it is important to identify the needs of individuals and cater to their well-being within the organisation. The definition of work must be enveloped by the concept of well-being. In order to feel good at work, one must take a well-rounded approach. After considering the needs and difficulties an employee might face, suitable measures need to be taken to address these.

The safety of all employees and special attention to women's safety provide the much needed assurance and comfort at the workplace. Fire safety drills and basic medical facilities with doctors on campus are provisions that companies need to ensure are in place. Besides that, they need to arrange for all employees and their dependants to go through an annual health check-up, which in many organisations is offered free of cost. Many organisations nowadays are offering a range of activities that instil a sense of well-being for example yoga, zumba and other aerobic and dancing activities.

Contributing to society feeds the soul. When employees step in to voluntarily contribute towards various activities and events; you know they feel inspired or motivated. Many organisations use various platforms to encourage their employees to come forward and volunteer to a larger cause, whether it is a charity golf event, contributing to an orphanage or refurbishing a government school. Happy souls and motivated people make for a positive outcome; every single time and we have seen this time and again in our organisation.

Organisations need to constantly innovate on keeping their employees motivated and happy through activities that encourage inter-department collaboration. Bonding with fellow employees often leads to lifelong friendships and makes the work environment more pleasant. When various departments work together in unity, there is an exchange of a vast amount of knowledge and this helps make an organisation grow stronger.

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