News / What Mobile Carriers Need to Know About the Cord Cutting Phenomenon
By Anurag Lal, Apr 29, 2016

When we hear about cord cutting, it’s generally in reference to consumers looking for alternative solutions to access cable TV while avoiding the outrageous cost of a monthly contract with a provider.

Dissatisfied with their lack of options, consumers have pushed for change. Now, the industry is exploding with new options at every turn, like Roku, Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast. Big-name TV providers, like Comcast and Time Warner, have no choice but to pay attention as consumers cut their cords.

The mobile phone industry is on the cusp of a similar shift. Phone usage has completely pivoted in recent years, with the number of phone calls drastically decreasing and the use of mobile messaging skyrocketing. A study by Activate even found that the use of messaging apps and number of active users has grown faster in popularity than social networking platforms, like Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest.

This isn’t necessarily surprising. The conversation around the growth of messaging, SMS and mobile apps has echoed throughout the mobile industry, highlighting that many consumers are no longer using their mobile devices for what they were originally intended for – phone calls. Yet most mobile plans still use voice calling as a base.

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