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Dec 31, 2012

Every New Year brings with it a sense of optimism and hope. And our New Year Resolutions only add to it. Notorious they are for the speed at which these resolutions get broken, but the intentions are always genuine.

"If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, imagine the power of video. I resolve to use video in more of my articles in 2013. I would like to travel a little less by leveraging the power of webinars to communicate with my clients. Also, try and stay away from my ‘computer' at least one day a week-this will allow me to think unencumbered. I resolve to use social media to stay in touch with family, friends, and clients" - Sundeep Kapur, digital evangelist

 "I want to ensure that there is sufficient time for activities outside of work, and there needs to be a concerted effort at prioritizing work and personal commitments so that neither suffer. As organizations, our focus needs to be on how we can identify and exploit emerging technologies which will positively impact our lives" -AVINASH VASHISTHA, chairman and geography MD, Accenture India

"This year my team and I resolve that we will engage with our reader community to deliver valuable information in many new ways, that we will enrich all our products and services to make them the best, that we will work to help each other deliver the best to one's potential, and that we will equally share the joys and sorrows of life" -ED NAIR, editor, Dataquest

 "My resolution is to simplify IT for employees and enhance their user experience. My desire is to bridge the gap between the technology experience we offer to clients and what we offer our workforce internally. Secondly, I want to convert the CIO's office from a costcenter to a profit-center in the organization" -CHELLA NAMASIVAYAM, CIO, iGATE

"I want to come out with more innovative thoughts on how value can be given to clients. We at Infosys keep introducing innovative value adds for our customers and thus my resolution for 2013 is to continue addressing our customers in the similar manner" -ANUP KAPOOR, strategic business, unit head, F&A, Infosys BPO

"Give up on sugary drinks completely (mostly). I think Mayor Bloomberg is fighting the right crusade in trying to limit the quantity of sugary drinks New Yorkers quaff (although it borders on breaching the borders of personal liberty). Also, decide if I have to let Facebook and Twitter into my life or I can still drive on my own without them" -ANJAN LAHIRI, president, IT services, Mindtree

"I intend to spend the year working on meeting financial targets set for Infinite's next phase of rapid growth; along with investing in building competencies to create a sustainable value proposition for customers and employees alike. Secondly, get my golf score down to a single digit and to kick the smoking habit (for the millionth time this decade!!)" -UPINDER ZUTSHI, MD & CEO, Infinite Computer Solutions India

"I want to bring focus in all things I do-work, handling my team, or spending time with family. I intend to spend more time meeting my partners and customers. This I believe will help HID and me understand their requirements. I am also planning to take a break in March to spend time with my wife and family" -RANJIT NAMBIAR, director sales, IAM, India & Saarc, HID Global


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