Responsible Business

At Infinite, we believe that we owe our success to the society of which we are a part; that is why we constantly seek to give back to society via social initiatives. We understand that real change happens when communities are enabled in a manner that has a sustained developmental impact. It is our objective to aid this enablement through a series of structured programs in the communities in which we have a presence. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

A corporation's responsibility is complete only when its community and social responsibility activities are sustainable, focused, and results oriented. To accomplish this, Infinite has initiated the establishment of the Infinite Foundation. This trust consolidates the Company's social responsibility initiatives under one umbrella. 

During the year, Company has continued to collaborate with the University of Pennsylvania Institute for the Advanced Study of India ("UPIASI"), New Delhi, a registered society, for its CSR activities. UPIASI has been recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization by The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (FDSIR) under the Ministry of Science and Technology. 


Infinite Labour, Ethics and Whistle Blower 

We constantly strive to be compliant with the laws and regulations governing the labour and ethics practices of the various countries that we operate out.We at "Infinite" are committed to being a fair employer, meeting the labour laws of the local jurisdiction, and conducting our business with the highest level of integrity. 

 We work with several small-scale and disadvantaged businesses enterprises for several services such as transportation, security, facilities, and cafeteria management. Supplier Diversity Program is a part of our corporate strategy, which emphasizes the inclusion of diverse groups in the procurement plans. Certified women-owned businesses provide over 25% of our outsourced services, and certified small business enterprises do 20%.


Infinite Environment, Health, and Safety 

 At Infinite, we believe in saving our environment and developing our ecosystem. Therefore, we are committed to the mission of combating climate change and dedicated to achieving net-zero emission by 2027. Per this mission and to build a sustainable growth model, we have adopted various measures as below: