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Industrial Control & Automation

Imagine a production landscape without industrial control and automation systems.

Fortunately, with Infinite…you don’t have to.

It’s impossible to imagine a production landscape without industrial monitoring, control and automation systems these days. Growing requirements for high product quality, paired with expectations of equally high reliability in high-volume production systems, mean that the scale of industrial automation will continue to expand.

Smart and energy-efficient systems, mobility, security, analytics and cloud enablement are important needs facing modern industry. Infinite’s industrial automation services and solutions address all of these needs, providing outstanding reliability and robustness with excellent quality.

Why Infinite?

Infinite has worked with multiple process industries delivering engineering solutions meeting diverse requirements in monitoring, control and automation applications all under one roof. Our industry expertise, established ecosystem and experienced personnel enable us to assist customers across the full spectrum of product development - from conceptualizing a product to delivering it to consumers.


  • Concept to consumer expertise.
  • Ground-up development of industrial products.
  • Senior architect-driven teams across the globe.
  • Established ecosystem of 3rd party vendors and pre-compliance and certifications labs which enables us to take end-to-end responsibility and provide our clients with worry-free execution and faster development.
  • Top-level industry certifications and affiliations.


Embedded Design

Our expertise cuts across all layers of industrial monitoring, control and automation products, including physical/hardware layer, operating system, firmware, protocol stacks, middleware, HMI/UI framework and application software. With strong experience in both open and proprietary software platforms, we serve clients across the entire industrial ecosystem.

We have extensive experience in new product development, product redesign, development of test jigs and automated test systems. We provide services in system, hardware, firmware, UI design, application software, integration and testing.


  • Product specifications.
  • System level design – power, digital, analog and RF.
  • Hardware Design partitioning – board/FPGA, redundancies.
  • Simulation and modeling for control applications.
  • Reliability estimation, FMECA, MTBF.
  • Teardown, competitive benchmarking.
  • Value engineering for function, performance and cost.
  • Environment tests, verification and validation services.
  • EMI/EMC pre-compliance testing and certifications.
  • Automated test system (PC, NI Labview, Custom).


  • Microcontroller, DSP design.
  • High speed digital and analog design.
  • Sensors, ADC, high speed data acquisition, CPLD/FPGA.
  • Industrial communication interfaces.
  • Power electronics.
  • RF & wireless system.
  • PCB development.
  • Signal and power integrity analysis.
  • Board bring up, prototyping and production support.
  • Regulatory certification testing – UL, CE, CSA, IEC, ATEX.
  • Manufacturing services: components sourcing, production testing and packaging.


  • Composite multi-million gate FPGA designs.
  • IP core development and integration.
  • 3rd Party IP modification and incorporation.
  • Digital signal processing functions.
  • Pre and post silicon verification and validation.
  • Automated test bench design and simulation.


  • Real-time embedded firmware design.
  • Boot loader development.
  • BSP and device driver development and porting.
  • Communication protocol stacks.
  • Power optimization, battery management.
  • Embedding web server/web-enabling of devices.
  • Platform Experience – RTLinux, FreeRTOS, WINEC7, VxWorks, Android, Non OS.
  • DSP firmware for signal processing functions and control algorithms.
  • Diagnostics, industrial drive controls, PID controllers.

Application Software

  • Application software design.
  • GUI design & development – desktop PC, device and mobile.
  • Platforms – Microsoft Windows, Linux, Java, Android, iOS, NI LabVIEW.
  • Product simulator.
  • Microsoft .NET Technologies.
  • Cloud enablement.

UI Design


  • Product/system integration testing.
  • Automation testing.
  • Independent verification and validation.
  • End of line test jig development, testing and deployment.

Mechanical Design

We have a proven track record of offering end-to-end mechanical engineering services for customers in all major industry verticals, helping speed up design, reduce cycle times and achieve higher product development ROI. Our expertise spans all aspects of mechanical engineering including plastics engineering, CAD modeling, sheet metals & fabrication, CAE, value engineering & reverse engineering, concept ideation and industrial design.

  • Product engineering, CAD modeling and design.
  • Structural, thermal and CFD analysis.
  • Manufacturing support – tools and fixtures.
  • Plastic part design and rapid prototyping.
  • Metal part design, tool development.
  • Value analysis and value engineering.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • CAD data migration and parts library.
  • GD&T and tolerance analysis.
  • Product standardization.
  • User, installation and service manuals.


In addition to our in-depth expertise in developing embedded products, we have rich experience in a variety of industrial control, monitoring and automation domains. We leverage expertise gained from extensive product development projects, coupled with continuous interaction with users in industrial process industries, to offer a wide range of innovative solutions in:

  • Remote monitoring and control.
  • Industrial communication & networking.
  • Energy management & control systems.
  • Drives & motor control.
  • Factory & building automation.
  • Test and measurement.

Working with customers across a variety of industries has provided us with extensive domain knowledge. Some of the key highlights of our domain knowledge and experience are as follows:

  • Analog signal conditioning for industrial sensors measuring temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, level and vibration.
  • High speed data acquisition, processing and control with DSP/Microcontrollers/FPGA.
  • PID temperature controller for process control applications.
  • Graphical user interfaces and human machine interfaces for industrial measurement and automation systems.
  • Knowledge of industrial communication protocols Modbus, Profinet, HART, CAN, and Fieldbus.
  • Design thermally optimized enclosures to meet different IP or explosion-proof requirements.
  • Value engineering for cost, function and performance.

Specialized Services

With our in-house framework, processes and innovative practices, we can develop products rapidly while maintaining the quality and cost-competitiveness our industrial customers expect. We provide the following specialized services:

  • Extending the life of field products by completely redesigning legacy products for improved function, better performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Intrinsically safe design of industrial products, meeting IECEx/ATEX requirements.
  • Design and implementation of user interface functions with Infinite’s proprietary, cross-platform UI framework for embedded devices, systems, desktop, mobile and tablets.
  • Increase product reliability, identifying design weakness and incorporating design improvements.
  • Build and deploy automated test systems/solutions for testing assembled boards, sensors and systems for increased throughput in assembly and manufacturing facilities.

Cloud Deployment

Companies developing new products or considering moving to new platforms have to ensure that their product strategy starts with SaaS, cloud and mobility. We provide end-to-end cloud solutions and services to our customers including architecture, design, development, testing, cloud integration, performance engineering and cloud automation.

Our services address the cloud enablement and engineering needs of our industrial customers.

  • Formulating business, operational and technology strategy after assessing benefits and risks of cloud enablement.
  • Migration of existing applications to public/private/hybrid cloud platforms and development of new cloud applications.
  • Implementation of cloud automation, orchestration and service monitoring frameworks and development of analytics and reporting tools.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Whether you are an individual, technology developer or adopter of these technologies, the Internet of Things will expand the boundaries of today’s systems. With the distinct advantage of deep expertise in key components such as sensors and actuators, connectivity and processes which enable the Internet of Things, we help position our customers for the future.

With Infinite’s proprietary dashboard, we can configure/control your field devices on the fly, collect the data from multiple devices using relevant IoT communication protocols and store and display the data in real-time in live view and history view mode. Our role is enabling IoT for our industrial customers, addressing the following needs:

Device Side:

  • Design and development of sensor, gateway and industrial controllers that provide IoT ready solutions in multiple platforms such as MBED, FreeRTOS, RTLinux and WinEC.
  • Development of device connectors that enable the field devices, gateways and industrial monitoring systems to push and pull data to/from the cloud using IoT protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, AMQP and HTTP.
  • Implementation and testing of wired and wireless communication protocols such as Ethernet, USB, RS485 and Wi-Fi, ZigBee, BT / BLE and Wireless HART.

Cloud Side:

  • Gateway to collect data from multiple field devices at periodic intervals, or on-demand or based on events using appropriate IoT protocols.
  • SQL database to process and store continuous streams of data from multiple devices in structured format.
  • Dashboard - Infinite’s proprietary visualization tool to display data from field sensors in graphical form in real-time mode and trend/history mode.
  • Real-time trigger notifications with Infinite’s NetSfere messaging platform.
  • Device security by authentication.
  • Mobile apps/web-based application to monitor and control field devices.
  • Business process management applications for quick decision-making.

Connected Devices/Systems:

  • Data logger (IMX53 based, WinEC OS, HTTP).
  • Wireless temperature sensor (Cortex M0+ based, FreeRTOS, MQTT over Wi-Fi).
  • Data acquisition system (Cortex M4, MBED OS, MQTT, COAP and AMQP).
  • PID controller (Cortex M4, MQX OS, HTTP).

By request, we will arrange a live demo with Infinite’s Dashboard.

  • Device monitoring is configured for number of parameters, data collection/store interval, alarm limits and communication protocols.
  • Device data is streamed and stored every 2 seconds; dashboard is updated every 5 seconds.
  • Scalable – multiple devices with a varying number of monitoring parameters can be connected on the fly.