NaaS eliminates the commotion of managing and maintaining the network and allows instant ramp up and down of network capacity for companies with a seasonal or sudden burst in load. With SDN, orchestration of the entire network is easier as management is centralized. The network with "Network Functions Virtualization" can be simplified by integrating all assets more efficiently.

Key highlights

  • OpenFlow enablement of legacy devices
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Policy-driven network supervision and implementing advanced network automation
  • Secured Communication channel
  • Provisioned with Scalable network performance design & architecture.
  • Enhanced critical functionalities and network security support & resolution.
  • Centralized access control
  • Reduced time-to-market to deploy new network services
  • Automated performance monitoring to scaling up or scale down based on demand
Solution Features
  • Legacy network architecture transitioned smoothly to virtualized Functional architecture
  • The virtualized functional architecture is flexible, efficient, and scalable.
  • Building a highly secure platform by applying security schemes and enforcing the security policy
  • NFV Life Cycle Management

What we offer

Architecture Development

Developing SDN / NFV architecture would support network evolution and future network automation and programmability.

Next-gen Services Orchestration

Develop software and orchestration technology design and strategy for next-generation services.

SDN Integration

Designing integrated SDN solution to integrate with orchestration tools.

Network Virtualization

Assess vendor offerings related to network centralized control and orchestration, network virtualization.