Provider Lifecycle Management

Healthcare organizations are focusing on ways to increase interoperability, improve communication, and streamline operations in order to deliver the best possible care at the best price for members. Managing provider and network services have always been an important piece of health plan operations. In recent years, health plans have been re-imagining their provider relationships as a strategic way to improve their care delivery and member outcomes. In a mature market, network management should work towards retaining providers and sustaining important lines of communications and follow processes. In a new market that is undergoing speedy expansion, analytics and recruitments should be the focus.


Infinite strives to build advanced provider network management solutions that eliminate the risk of fines and increase ratings from government regulatory agencies. Infinite’s Patient Provider Payer Platform (P3) platform helps payers build a custom solution that enables them to work providers to ensure members get appropriate treatment at the right cost.


What we offer

Infinite Provider Information Management Platform (IPIP)

Integration of Patient, Provider, Member & Health Plan data in near real-time ,bi-directional manner using Interoperability Hub – FHIR, API, Integration. Drive PHM campaigns, patient outreach / digital engagement for decreased MLR. Population Risk Assessment & Stratification, Care Coordination & Management and Effective Member Engagement.

Provider Network Management Automation

Tailor-made provider network management solutions to enable  in-depth analysis and monitor provider performance against set benchmarks with real-time alerts to notify the major changes in provider performance. The automated provider network management solutions are customized to perform an in-depth analysis of existing networks, also assisting in the creation. To enable new and multi-tiered pricing structures with aligning contracts, fee schedules and data, Infinite can engineer advanced provider management solutions on payer demands.

Intelligent Workflow Management

Customized medical network management as per the payer settings with built-in smart business rules, provider document checklists, intelligent case routing, pre-defined state-based rules and many other capabilities. With lean and six-sigma-based software, it helps to eliminate repetitive processes resulting in reduced FTE requirements and significant savings on operations costs.

Provider Data Management

Infinite Provider Master Data Management solution uses Ethereum blockchain design which has rule based engine to compare and calculate data quality score and integrate database with smart contract. It ensures expedited provider on-boarding, proper credentialing, network management innovation, optimized cost of operations, simplified HIPAA compliance and many more.


  • Blockchain Smart Contract Submission for Provider Data Management.
  • Blockchain Smart Contract Voting and Approval for Provider Data Management (PDM).