Advanced Care Management

Infinite offers a suite of tools with features in all five core competencies of care management:

  • Data integration: The ability to pull data from multiple EMRs and other data sources, then aggregate, analyze, and make it available to the organization in order to help to make the right decisions.
  • Patient stratification and intake: Infinite uses analytics-driven decision making to identify high-risk, high-utilization patients. This tool supplies care managers with prioritized worklists and simplifies their work.
  • Care coordination: Care team communication and collaboration on patient assessments, care planning, and interventions.
  • Patient engagement: The solution provides information to the patients about their care planning and facilitates interaction among all care team members through application-based secure messaging and education.
  • Performance measurement: Advanced reporting capabilities to show how the care team performed after analyzing and operating on the provided data sets.
  • 20+ Provider Clients.
  • Impact: 20M+ Patient Lives.
  • 90%+ data-driven patient engagement.
  • 80%+ accurate data utilization for effective decisions.
  • Algorithm-based collaborative tool for data stratification.
  • Customized care management content to each enrollee based on Health Profile and Health Risks.

Solution Highlights

  • PHI Portal provides a 360-degree view of a patient's recent doctor visits, hospital admissions and discharges, medications, and care management interactions.
  • Portal for Provider(s) to access member’s IP/OP authorizations and approvals and processing of member's eligibility claims, provider data files.
  • Powerful BI dashboard and reporting for chronic disease management as part of the Population Health Platform to provide a 360-degree view based on patient's recent Provider visits, hospital admissions and discharges, medications, and care management interactions.
  • Integrate and analyze all member health information in one place. Customized population management solutions monitor and measure healthcare trends, costs, and quality across the continuum of healthcare, providing a holistic view that helps to manage care plans more effectively.
  • Infinite offers an integrated approach – One modular platform to scale partnerships that leverages existing investment. Surrounds core systems with flexible applications and analytics to scale reform and achieve compliance. The solution provides secure login access that can be granted to the auditors to view member data and the ability to search for members based on defined criteria.
  • The partnership platform with the aid of the EDI platform enables information exchange processes automated data sets to inclusive client enterprise applications undertaking all the relevant healthcare reforms, compliances, and codes distribute data to various ancillaries involving consumers, financials, and clinical to serve the community through collaboration within different healthcare institutes.