Ancillary Services

In any healthcare IT setting, the electronic health record (EHR) system is always at the core of it but there are many other supporting systems that are needed for its effectiveness, cumulatively known as Ancillary Systems. These systems are essential for providing caregivers the necessary tools for gathering diagnostic information and imparting care instructions and plans to give the patient the best care possible. These systems primarily include clinical laboratory and pathology, pharmacy, radiology and imaging, surgery and anesthesia, inventory management but there are many more. These systems work in tandem and are integrated with the core EHR.  

The experts at Infinite have experience in designing, developing, customizing, configuring, and supporting solutions that comprise a number of ancillary systems to address your specific requirements. Our services are targeted to address any operational and workflow complexities and provide you with subject-matter expertise on workflows, technical know-how on the applications, and software solutions and services for seamless functioning of the ancillary systems for any healthcare setting.


 We develop customized pharmacy management software that maintains secure communication of e-prescriptions between the patients, their pharmacies, and claims agencies. We also support pharmacy data management and automated fulfillment of medications. In addition, we also have expertise in supporting many industry-standard pharmacy applications including the associated analytics and regulatory services.


Our experts bring the necessary technical know-how and functional expertise that helps the organization to ensure its effective and seamless functioning in terms of laboratory services which include general laboratory testing, chemical pathologies, biochemistry, and blood bank.


Our team expertise in Radiological Diagnostic Imaging and PACS Support can cater to any organization, helping them to focus on the care part and leaving the rest to us.

Surgery and Anesthesia:

Infinite’s experts are equipped with all the associated workflows, domain expertise, build, and technical know-how of associated applications that enables us to support the needs of the surgical areas of the hospitals.

Supply Chain:

Infinite’s subject matter expertise can help achieve optimum control over inventory management.

  • Over 10 years of operational and domain experience.
  • End-to-end or Modular Ancillary solutions.
  • Delivered over 9% in increased YOY revenues for our clients.


  • Project management.
  • System study and solution recommendation.
  • Workflow assessment and analysis.
  • Vendor selection.
  • System health check and process improvement.
  • Solution design, build, and development.
  • Pre and Post go-live support.
  • Integration services.
  • Software testing and quality assurance.
  • Regulatory compliance.