Utilization Management

Infinite recommends and supports Utilization Management Solution which analyses patient medical records extracted from various standard EMR/EHR applications. It performs advanced semantic analysis of textual records considering all intricacies of the medical domain. The solution takes advantage of the use of multiple medical terminologies and semantic dictionaries. Once relevant clinical facts are extracted, they can be further analyzed to build models predicting the appropriateness of certain types of care with the help of machine learning algorithms trained on historical data.

  • Utilization management software optimizes and connects care processes to effectively manage health conditions.
  • Increase the precision and visibility of extracting clinical findings.
  • Save money by eliminating uninteresting and high-priced manual work.
  • Enable real-time utilization management by automating all key steps of this process.
  • Facilitate in inspecting the suitability of selected investigation courses.
  • 20+ Provider clients.
  • Impact: 20M+ patient lives.
  • 90%+ Improved health outcomes – reduced risk of complications.
  • 25% of Advanced patient engagement.
  • 10+ Solution platforms across digital transformation claim management and patient engagement.