5G & MEC (Testing Labs)

Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) moves the computing of traffic and services from a centralized cloud to the edge of the network and closer to the customer. Instead of sending all data to a cloud for processing, the network edge analyzes, processes, and stores the data, reducing latency and bringing real-time performance to high-bandwidth applications.

Benefits of MEC includes

  • Real-time analytics with lower latency,
  • New services and new revenue streams,
  • Reduced cloud data storage and transport costs,
  • Improved availability of applications and IT assets,
  • Conserve network bandwidth and reduce network congestion,
  • Strengthen security and compliance.
Solution Features

Exponential growth in traffic, especially video, and the explosion of connected devices mean that network infrastructure needs to scale effectively to deliver higher volumes of data. Massive-scale IoT solutions, more robust consumer devices and solutions, AR/VR, remote healthcare, autonomous robotics in manufacturing environments, and ubiquitous intelligent city solutions are some of the ways to deliver the promise of the digital world.

  • Reduced Time to market for MEC and 5G-enabled applications.
  • MEC Support system for more accessible platform and partner onboarding, which includes BPO, Network care, Postproduction Support,
  • Bringing new customers through prototypes, native development, testing, and migrating existing applications,
  • Partner-led solutions to demonstrate Next-gen customer experiences in Industrial 4.0, AR/VR, Telemedicine, etc.

POCs on MEC for Private use

  • AR/VR: Medical training, Retail, Supply chain Logistics, Field Service, Entertainment, Public Safety, Tourism, Schools and Universities, Repair and Maintenance, Design and Modelling
  • Industrial 4.0: IoT, Industrial Robotics, Industrial Automation, Centralized Monitoring
  • Telemedicine: Remote Diagnosis, Large Data Files, Remote Monitoring, Sensor Innovation
  • Automotive: Connected Car Platform, Self-Driving Cars, Vehicle Location Tracking

What we offer

Accelerate and Scale (Application Lifecycle Management (Deployed on MEC))

  • Partner Onboarding
  • Customization & Dev Support
  • Development Support
  • Testing Services
  • Post Production Support

Support Transformation

  • BPO
  • Network Care / Training
  • Automation
  • Fault Management / Configuration
  • Configuration

Innovate (Partner Led Solutions & Prototypes)

  • Evaluating industry solutions and partner selection - Fitment Analysis, Pipeline management and prioritization of prototypes, Market-driven need estimation, etc. Build partner engagement/ acceleration plan and drive partner-led revenue,
  • Prototyping - Range of vertical solutions options, triaging use cases across verticals for MEC & 5G. Manage Pipeline to build MEC Solutions across industries