Revenue Cycle Management

Infinite offers end-to-end revenue cycle management services, we manage the entire revenue cycle starting from a patient's admission to the hospital, treatment, and discharge, to post-discharge claims and accounts settling. With our solution, organizations can benefit from accelerated cash flow, structured and streamlined operations, faster and organized revenue realization, and constant monitoring of key revenue cycles. Over the years, Infinite has worked with small and large clinics, hospitals, physician offices, family-based medical practices, ACHs, and medical billing providers to provide them with indicative revenue management services. 

Key Features:

  • Error-free Billing.
  • Active Monitoring.
  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • Faster and Automated Billing Process.
  • Efficient and accurate Claims Scrubbing.
  • High Interoperability.
  • Over 10 years of operational and domain experience.
  • End-to-end or Modular RCM solutions.
  • Over 250+ Million Transactions per year, with over 98.3% financial accuracy.
  • 47 million charts coded and audited.
  • $1.3 billion in collections per year.
  • Delivered over 11% in increased YOY revenues for our clients.
  • 3-10 days reduction in AR days and an average of 30% reduction in repeat collection attempts.
  • Over 3,00 Coders with experience in major specialties.
  • Ensured effective management of the program and satisfy Compliance / regulatory requirements.


What we offer

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Seamless revenue flow, enforce accurate policies, deploy time-sensitive bandwidth, facilitate compliance with regulations and reduce claim denials and rejections.

RCM Eligibility Verification

Infinite’s RCM services are customized with advanced patient insurance eligibility verification module. It helps providers to track the insurance eligibility in real-time for all private health plans, Medicaid and Medicare. Additional claims scrubbing module to identify errors in CMS1500 submissions.

RCM Patient Management Software

Smart integration with various patient management modules in healthcare RCM such as EHR/EMR, medical scheduling, practice management system (PMS), patient encounters and more. Infinite has core competency in building healthcare revenue cycle solutions that combine next-gen PMS systems that automate the routine processes such as patient flow management and helps healthcare providers to minimize their administrative expenses.

Medical Billing Solutions

Medical billing services offers end-to-end healthcare revenue cycle optimization that automates follow-up requests for delayed as well as underpaid reimbursements. Integrated healthcare revenue cycle management services can combine audit tracking software to archive every transaction in a simplified database.