CMS Interoperability

Infinite Interoperability Solution is a complete suite that offers platforms and healthcare experts to connect myriad systems, standardize data, and enable secure, authenticated access in real-time. The built-in HIPAA compliance platform assists payers to meet requirements, resulting in real-time utilization management, automated care management, and improved patient outcomes.

Solution Features
  • APIs & Blue Button - The suite offers out of the box map to accelerate time to market and has the ability to consume clinical data from any internal system and match that data with the native claims and payment data at a member level. The solution gives payers the ability to support the CMS Blue Button 2.0 implementation guide and the CARIN Alliance Blue Button framework with CPCDS.
  • Provider & Pharmacy Directories - The platform and our native FHIR based API’s and web services can expose provider and pharmacy directory data sourced from internal systems as public APIs per the Final Rule.
  • Member Enablement - The platform includes the ability to ingest, match, and expose patient data, enabling payers to meet the needs of their members and conform with the Final Rule. It also supports a variety of capabilities that can be leveraged to empower members through open APIs based on RESTful services and SMART IG/OAuth 2.0.

What we offer

Compliance First

Today compliance with the interoperability rules is the priority. With Infinite's skilled expertise , platforms and services we assist payers in reaching compliance.

Assessment & Planning

Investment in interoperability need to be carefully chosen as it would not only build the foundation but a road map for future. Infinite helps organization with with a current state analysis which will help to identify the critical steps, products and services needed for the big change.

Platform Implementation

With Infinite's homegrown, successfully implemented platforms, we’ll collaborate for the implementation of today's compliance need , connecting the entire healthcare ecosystem with ease of data and  secured access.  


Infinite technology capabilities on data modernization, testing, security, infrastructure, cloud etc. can enhance the performance and stakeholder engagement for any healthcare ecosystem. Our collaboration can go beyond compliance to align with one's business vision and processes.

CMS Interoperability

Be Compliance-Ready Today! 

Enable secure, on-demand data access with a platform designed to integrate and assist payers to meet the compliance requirements.

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