Clinical Informatics
  • Clinical informatics solutions help optimize the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information in healthcare. As a result, clinicians can openly collaborate with other healthcare and IT professionals more resourcefully making patient care safer and effective.
  • Improve patient care and the entire population at the individual and clinical levels (for example, by utilizing predictive analyzed data to understand and prevent outbreaks of disease in a geographical region).
  • Enable health organizations to deliver care more cost-effectively.
  • Easy access to patient data: Clinical Information Systems can provide convenient access to medical records at all points of care. This is especially beneficial at ambulatory points, hence enhancing continuity of care.
  • Structured information: The clinical information captured in Clinical Information Systems is well organized, making it easier to maintain and quicker to search through relevant information. The information is also legible, making it less likely that mistakes would be made due to illegible writing.
  • Improved drug prescription and patient safety: Clinical Information Systems improve drug administration that helps in the reduction of adverse drug interactions while promoting more appropriate pharmaceutical utilization.
  • 20+ Provider clients.
  • Impact:  8M Patient lives.
  • 90%+ Improved health outcomes – reduced risk of complications.
  • 25% of Advanced patient engagement.
  • 10+ Solution platforms across digital transformation claim management and patient engagement.
  • Reports and dashboards developed using SSRS and Tableau tools.
  • Ability to search for members based on defined criteria and the ability to display members’ UM / CM.

What we offer

E-Prescribing Integration

Customized pharmacy management software maintains secure communication of e-prescriptions between the patients, their pharmacies, and claims agencies. Simplifies the entire process flow of the pharmacy’s system with error-free dispensing and billing and thus increasing patient satisfaction.

Medical Imaging Informatics

Medical imaging informatics solutions enable connectivity, image acquisition, data storage, in-depth image analysis, sharing and visualization with full compliance. Intelligent integrations with modern devices and middleware for communication protocol development, data exchange, data acquisition, and conditioning.

Health Information Management Solutions

Connected health systems targeted to build an excellent medical informatics solutions, smartly fitting to healthcare organization’s unique needs.

Health Informatics Platform Development

High-performance and scalable data management, analytics with interoperability capabilities, strong and multi-model database development technology to store and retrieve healthcare data within a shared and steady ecosystem.

Reporting and Dashboards

In the healthcare organizations, the variety and magnitude of the data generated can quickly become immense. Our Solution helps in analyzing these data to process patients better. A solution that can let us see the whole picture and makes data-driven decisions extremely faster.