Remote In- Home Monitoring

Providers can give patients an early discharge when effective patient care is extended at home and supported with robust remote monitoring solutions and services by Infinite. Our expertise in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI & CD) using the latest tools provides a seamless experience with a 99.9% success rate. 

Infinite leverages its experience in Big data, AI, ML platforms (VBC Space, expertise in HEDIS and NCQA reporting, etc.) to help drive healthcare growth. Infinite’s deep understanding of healthcare data including the clinical and imaging has paved new ways of care delivery in Remote In-Home monitoring supported by: -

  • Patient’s behavior analysis.
  • Image scanning for disease diagnosis.
  • Predictive modeling for real-time program performance.
  • Risk detection and alarm.
  • Enhancing Patient experience.

Tools & Frameworks

Our relevant technology expertise includes AWS Medical Comprehend,, Salesforce powered Einstein chatbots, Amazon Kendra, AWS Sage Maker, TensorFlow, Keras, Torch, Kibana, NLP, Google Analytics, Kubernetes, Dockers, Jenkins, and AWS Code Deploy.

With our testing service frameworks and automation, we provide customers a simple way to execute automation scripts for functional testing, regression testing, mobile testing, or SOA testing using various automation tools like Selenium, TestNG, QTP, SOA, Mobile, etc.

We bring in very user-friendly, customizable, and interactive and dynamic dashboards, reporting services with multiuser roles and logins. Also offer support services towards user management, smart alert management; deploying feedback, and analysis modules to guide and provide actionable insights to providers. 


What we offer

Patient Bed Side Monitoring

Infinite enables real-time monitoring for patients by integrating with bedside monitoring devices. Flexible integrations with various makes and models of extensively used in-home EKGs, respiratory monitors, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, etc. We work with modules that provides chart follow-up frequency with the patient in-home care and notify stakeholders when needed.

Post Discharge Care Module

Post discharge reviews and follow-ups with care team members and patients. Enabling Patient engagement initiatives via sharing educational content on clinical diagnosis & condition, symptom checker, preferred medication, set of precautions, and course of treatment.

Smart In-Home Triage

Smart Exam feature is available on both web and mobile which enables triaging patients so providers can focus as needed. The module also features results and recommendation to patient. Integrated deployments on Virtual care which is effectively traces, detects and alerts providers on COVID 19 cases.

Virtual Visits Module

Smart exams integrated with Virtual Visit scheduling systems can enable the scheduling and appointment management. Patient can schedule video or e-consults based on physicians, specialties, availability, and proximity. Appointments can also be added, rescheduled or cancelled via the module. Hospice Services provided through this virtual realty platforms helps in reducing the anxiety in patients and reduces the need of recurrent and frequent medical intervention.