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Operational Log Analytics Platform

Operational log data comprises continuous streaming information from machines or devices based on their various operations. This information could be structured, unstructured or semi-structured.

Our Operational Log Analytics Platform interacts with streaming devices (healthcare devices, IT devices, sensors etc.) and processes their operational data on a real-time basis to provide real-time analytical insights.

Built using customizable solution components powered by an open source technology stack. Infinite’s Operational Log Analytics Platform is a completely customizable and modular solution that can be flexibly harnessed to meet a customer’s needs.

Service Offerings

  • Real-time processing: capture device operational data on a real-time basis.
  • Machine data capture: store and process machine operational data.
  • Quick throughout: processing of information in memory for quick results.
  • Supports multiple devices: extendible to any device producing operational data.
  • Integration capability: can be integrated with multiple devices at a time for comparative analysis.