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Content Digitization

InfinitePlus Content Digitization

Content digitization, the process of converting information into a digital format, can be challenging but with Infinite’s expertise, you can take advantage of all the opportunities digitization offers. The standards for media and metadata are changing quickly, and new trends forged in Silicon Valley are hard to predict. We provide services, consultation and assistance to help you confidently navigate these highly complex challenges.

New products and services such as apps and in-depth e-books require new modes of co-operation between editorial office, manufacturer and sales. We offer simple, flexible, cost-effective solutions for all your digital needs. Our highly experienced core team employs state-of-the-art technology, provides global language support and uses the latest techniques for digital content production. Infinite is your one-stop, end-to-end solution provider.

Platform Offerings

Document Management

Image-Processing Applications 

Business Process Management

Records Management

Web Content Management

Social Content

Extended Components

Why Infinite?

  • Simple, flexible and cost-effective digital solution.
  • One-stop end-to-end solutions for all your digital needs.
  • Digital solution provider for one of the top three US educational publishers.
  • State-of-the-art technology and best-in class infrastructure.
  • Experienced core team with potential to build teams in a very short time.
  • Global language support.
  • Uses latest techniques in the market for digital content production.

Platform Components

With Infinite as your solution partner, you get proven capability, experience and expertise. Our enterprise mobility solutions address both business and IT needs. With Infinite, clients gain the competitive advantage of being the first to innovate, the first to benefit and the first to demonstrate leadership through enterprise mobility solutions.

Print Media Features


  • Adobe InDesign.
  • QuarkXpress.
  • Adobe FrameMaker.
  • Adobe InCopy.
  • PowerMath, InMath, MathMagic.
  • XMath (Mathables).


  • Composition directly from XML/HTML, MathML and Database.
  • Faster performance.
  • Robust text composition.
  • Powerful automated workflows.
  • Preflighting of print and digital documents.

Digital eBooks Features


  • iBooks Author.
  • HTML5 / CSS3.
  • XHTML.
  • Javascript.
  • Keynote.
  • Math ML.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver.


  • Modern web technology embracing HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Professional layouts for print, tablets and e-books.
  • Hi-Res retina display support.
  • Speed up production and reduce errors.