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Mobile Device Management

Infinite’s Mobile Device Management Platform is designed for central remote management of mobile devices across the enterprise, with increased security for both the devices and the enterprise to which they connect.

Our platform is leveraged on top of industry-leading MDM tools (Mass360) and other open source components. Infinite manages both the server component, which sends out the management commands to the mobile devices and the client component, which runs on the handset and receives and implements the management commands.

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Platform Features

  • Manage employee activities and help them stay productive.
  • Enforce corporate policies.
  • Reduce support costs and business risks.
  • Secures corporate documents/emails on devices.
  • Plug-and-play data services for whatever device.
  • Automatically detects devices on the network.
  • Sends information for immediate and continued usability.
  • SMS-based provisioning protocol.
  • Keeps a history of used devices.
  • Sends information only to subscriber devices.