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Sentiment Analytics

Sentiment analytics is the process of identifying and assessing people’s perceptions about a company, individual, product or brand. Our Sentiment Analytics Platform processes sentiment and consumer feedback that helps our customers understand people‘s perceptions and gain insights about consumer's information needs.

Platform Offerings

Harness, ingest and present visual interpretation of social data.

A tremendous amount of data related to people’s perceptions exists in unstructured form. The high volume of this data found on social media platforms and other sources can make collecting and analyzing such data difficult without the assistance of an automated solution. By ingesting and interpreting this data using rules-based algorithmic analysis. Infinite’s Sentiment Analytics Platform presents the data in a structured visual format that makes it easier to interpret and act upon.

Understand people’s perceptions of an entity, individual, product or brand.

Sentiment can drive outcomes in a variety of contexts. Product popularity, brand image, incident gravity, personal popularity and more can be understood and productively analyzed by accurately ascertaining people’s perceptions. By ingesting and analyzing unstructured data from social media sources, sentiment analytics can provide an up-to-date account of people’s perceptions of a company, brand, product, individual or event.

Isolate vital patterns from social media datasets for making strategic decisions for better business outcomes.

The unstructured data provided by social media can contain valuable information about people’s perceptions that can be mined for useful insights relevant to the decision-making process. By providing a mechanism to ingest, analyze, and present this data. Infinite’s Sentiment Analytics Platform can help businesses employ social media-derived datasets to improve strategic decisions for better business outcomes.

Listen to people’s perceptions on social media to identify vital behaviors and isolate unseen patterns.

Perceptions of a company’s products, brand or image can have a significant impact on business outcomes. Identifying trends, opinions, and behaviors related to these factors is vital to productive planning. By mining social media data pertaining to a company’s products, brand image and relevant events. Infinite’s Sentiment Analytics Platform harvests data that can reveal hidden or unnoticed patterns useful in the decision-making process.