Infinite Convergence’s EMS Flex is a customizable, cloud-hosted, no CAPEX, A2P messaging platform that enables service providers and MNOs to offer turnkey mobile messaging to enterprises and resellers in the rapidly expanding A2P messaging market. Leveraging decades of mobile messaging expertise and an industry-leading enterprise messaging platform, the EMS Flex delivers proven messaging technology to growth-minded MNOs and enterprise service providers.

Better Messaging Technology for Better Business Performance

The need for improved enterprise messaging is driving global demand for advanced A2P messaging solutions. EMS Flex gives mobile network operators and enterprise service providers a proven and feature-rich platform that meets the needs of today’s most-desirable enterprise customers and resellers.

Reduced Time to Market

The EMS Flex allows you to immediately start with a working and proven A2P messaging platform designed for enterprise customers.

Powerful Routing Engine

Operator-grade routing capabilities allow service providers to use a combination of owned routes and Infinite Convergence routes for improved reach and reduced cost.

Proven Technology

Service providers can offer a reliable and proven messaging service with a track record of performance in Tier-1 networks, enterprises and service providers worldwide.

Future Proof

The EMS Flex is a highly scalable platform that offers a combination of SMS, MMS, IP Push Notifications and chat, allowing customers to grow their messaging technology alongside their businesses.

Easy Integration

Connect to customers and the network through industry-standard interfaces including HTTP(S), SMTP, SMPP, SOAP and MM7. APIs further simplify the integration of mobile messaging within enterprise applications.

Full Control

Multi-level user accounts can easily be created to match the enterprise organization and need.

Analytics and Billing

Rich analytics provide service providers insight into their enterprise needs. Detailed billing records provide more robust billing to customers.

Overload Protection and Recovery

Operator configurable throttling avoids overload conditions

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Campaign management service allows enterprises to use mobile messaging to launch engaging and interactive marketing campaigns
  • Interactive SMS supports one-way and two-way messaging to improve message exchange between enterprises and end-users
  • Push Notifications allow enterprises to reach iOS and Android connections over IP, managing the cost of delivering messages via SMS
  • Robust security standards ensure the secure delivery of sensitive data and files to smartphones and feature phones
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) enables enterprises to bring a message to life with color, images, movement, audio and text
  • A branded, enterprise Web portal offers convenient, self-service capabilities for end-customers
  • Service customization provides opportunities for your enterprise to tailor messaging technology to include the services it needs



NetSfere provides enterprises with
a private, highly secure, reliable,
centrally-managed and controlled,
cloud-based messaging service backed by 2,000 years of combined
messaging experience delivering
trillions of messages globally

EMS Plus

lnfinite Convergence’s Enterprise
Messaging Service (EMS) Plus is a
customizable cloud-hosted
messaging platform that can be
tailored to the needs of mid-to-large
enterprises across a wide range of
verticals, including Healthcare,
Hospitality, Finance, Retail, Travel
Telecom & Media

EMS Flex

EMS Flex

lnfinite Convergence’s EMS Flex is
a customizable, no CAPEX, A2P
messaging platform that enables
service providers and MNOs to offer
turnkey mobile messaging to
enterprises and resellers in the
rapidly expanding A2P messaging


lnfinite Convergence’s Enterprise
Messaging Service (EMS) API is a
secured, standard-based, reliable
easy-to-integrate API set for chat
and converged messaging that can
be tailored to develop, deploy,
customize and control new chat-
enabled apps.

About Infinite Convergence

Infinite Convergence: A Global Leader in Messaging and Mobility

Infinite Convergence is a subsidiary of Infinite Computer Solutions (BSE: 533154|NSE: INFINITE).

Infinite Convergence is widely recognized as a leader in innovative messaging and mobility solutions and next-generation wireless communication technologies for mobile operators and enterprises around the world.

With more than 130 million global subscribers, we offer a comprehensive range of sophisticated and scalable Carrier and Enterprise Messaging Services.

Formed in 2010 from an alliance between Infinite Computer Solutions and Motorola (now Nokia), Infinite Convergence has earned a reputation for delivering unparalleled performance and reliability in messaging and mobility. Although we are headquartered in Chicago, we are a truly global company, maintaining a business presence in the USA, Germany, India and Singapore.

From advanced messaging solutions for the enterprise to technologies designed to achieve revenue improvements for carriers and operators, Infinite Convergence technology is relied upon to provide instant and secure communication with customers, partners and employees around the globe.

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