Test Automation Platform

Test Automation Platform (iTAP)

Enterprises need a comprehensive solution that supports end-to-end STLC activities digitized in a single platform. It must integrate seamlessly with third-party tools and yet be cost effective. To address this need, Infinite offers Infinite Test Automation Platform (ITAP) – a unified quality assurance solution in one package that helps customers achieve cost reduction, greater flexibility, enhanced test coverage and optimal resource utilization.

ITAP is a unified testing solution which provides end-to-end testing solution on one integrated platform.

Platform Features

Test Automation Platform

  • Manage requirements
  • Support for manual and automation testing
  • Ability to leverage your existing technology
  • Select your own infrastructure – local, infinite server & cloud options
  • Integration with market standard tool and open source tools
  • Create, edit and execute test-cases
  • Clean and powerful user interface
  • Suited for agile & traditional project methodology
  • Centralized test script storage with version control

  • Complete traceability of tests and defects with requirements
  • Link bugs to test cases during test execution
  • Well defined Defect Life Cycle
  • Live, 24/7, personalized dashboards and customizable reporting globally accessible
  • Intuitive web interface (pure HTML)
  • Supported infrastructure – local, infinite server & cloud options
  • Multiple options to configure
  • Reporting – html, pdf, excel, mail notifications, dashboards
  • Test data generator and management

iTAP – Cloud Advantage

1.Infrastructure Management:

ITAP offers flexibility to connect to virtual machines on the cloud with different combinations of configurations (Browsers, Operating Systems, and Testing Tools). Users can connect to these easily and utilize them for manual testing or automation testing.

2. Test Script Execution:

Select test your target test setting from ITAP UI and the test scripts will be executed on Cloud VM automatically.

Apart from these options, test scripts can also be executed on customer’s own machine and on Infinite Server also depending on customer requirements.

Key Benefits

Unified Testing Solution: Encompasses all testing cycle activities in a single platform.
Highly intuitive web application that provides end-to-end testing solutions
Integrated solution includes requirement management, test management, and bug tracking
iTAP offers different pricing models to fit your budget.

Test execution is carried out on premise, on the Infinite Server, or in the cloud.

Effortlessly integrates testing tools, test management tools, continuous integration tools, databases, operating systems, and browsers.
Improves the efficiency of quality assurance (QA) teams, and enhance process efficiency across geographically distributed teams
The platform offers customized reports, e-mail notifications, live streaming test execution, and history graphs through its dashboard for effective analysis

Test Automation Platform

Simplify and transform your business operations!