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The Enterprise Messaging Service Edge

Infinite Convergence's Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS) A2P Messaging provides enterprises a secured, reliable, cloud-based messaging platform backed by 2000 years of combined carrier-grade messaging experience in delivering trillions of messages yearly globally. The EMS A2P Messaging platform enables enterprises to better engage their customers and partners globally by leveraging the innovative messaging solution tailored to the industry or enterprise's need. 


Reduced Time To Market

Enterprise Messaging Service allows you to immediately start with a working, proven A2P messaging platform designed for enterprise customers.

Converged Messaging and Chat

Enterprises can build customized chat apps based on the API sets provided by the Enterprise Messaging Service, thus enabling a single app for both chat and messaging.

Reliable Proven Technology

Enterprises Messaging Service is a reliable, proven messaging service with a track record of performance in Tier-1 networks, enterprises and service providers worldwide.

Future Proof

Enterprise Messaging Service is a highly scalable platform that offers a combination of SMS, MMS, IP Push Notification, email and text-to-speech, allowing enterprises and service providers to grow their messaging technology alongside their businesses.

Global Delivery

With coverage through 800 cellular service providers in 180 countries, your organization can access 6.8 billion mobile devices through a single connection, ensuring message delivery to customers, employees and partners worldwide.

Rich Analytics

Rich Management Portal and Analytics offer deeper insights into your customers’ behaviors and provide a more accurate gauge of campaign success.

EMS Application to Person (A2P) Messaging Platform

Intelligent Routing

Ensure near 100% delivery success rates with a variety of delivery methods – including SMS, MMS, Push Notifications, Voice and Email – as well as our automatic fallback to alternate delivery methods.


Secure communication to and from the EMS is ensured using secure protocols. All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) at rest and all data stored to disk are encrypted; options are also available to disable message body storage completely. Additionally, the EMS is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.


Manage campaigns, view statistics and logs, and manage your account information using our intuitive, web-based portal. Role-based access control allows your enterprise admin to view and control all sub-accounts.


Each number is verified to determine the type (mobile or landline) and if it’s active to ensure the appropriate message (text or voice) is sent only to active numbers to reduce delivery costs and increase open rates.

Rich Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your messages and get a deeper insight into customers using valuable statistics.

Data Archiving

Have peace of mind knowing that all of your data is stored in encrypted, redundant storage and can be stored for a configurable length of time.

Content Management System(CMS)

Create, edit, and manage customized messaging content using easy-to-use templates in conjunction with a service that delivers formatted notifications to customers via SMS and email.

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EMS A2P Messaging Solutions

Short Message Service

Multimedia Messaging Service


Push Notifications



  • EMS Plus
  • EMS  Flex

Infinite Convergence's EMS Flex is a customizable, no CAPEX, A2P messaging platform that enables service providers and MNO's to offer turnkey mobile messaging to enterprises and re-sellers in the rapidly expanding A2P messaging market.

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