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Risk Evaluation Analytics Platform 

Risk Evaluation Analytics Platform – Patient, Provider, Payer

There is an increased demand for quality healthcare services and recent breakthroughs in healthcare IT solutions makes it possible to bring about a significant improvement in patient care. Infinite’s Platformized™ Risk Evaluation Analytics Platform (REAP),  brings the patient, provider and the payer on a common platform to integrate their combined strength and needs while smoothing out the complicated steps and process to make healthcare more accessible and risk free.

At Infinite, we understand that irrespective of which part of the health ecosystem you belong to patient care and quality is top priority for you. With a deep understanding and insight into the operations and compliance regulations driving the healthcare sector Infinite has developed a suite of offerings that will not just add value to your business, but it will also help you anticipate future needs and cater to them.

Our Risk Evaluation Analytics Platform (REAP) Offers

  • Provider  –  Enrollment, Alerts and Messages, Appointments, Risk Analysis.
  • Payer – Claim submission, 837 Generation.
  • Patient – Enrollment, Medication, Visit History, Appointments, Health Trackers integration, Risk Analysis Algorithms.
  • Technology Stack – HTML5, AngularJS, NodeJS, MySQL, Restful Services.

REAP - Features & Benefits

  • Effective disease and utilization management.
  • Education and awareness of patient status round the clock.
  • Increase in quality and accuracy of data (such as vitals) – Since patients are required to key in their data regularly, it becomes easier to predict accurate trends.
  • Improved care coordination.
  • All stakeholders have complete and timely access to patient health records – The trends and analytics are based on rich patient data set.
  • Pluggable frameworks and data model that works across various platforms.
  • Secured role-based framework.
  • It’s a mobile platform and is device independent.
  • EHR and EMR Integration is available.
  • SNIP validations for the claim forms is available.
  • Health tracker and content management system for educating the patients.
  • Multiple rule engine that is based on UI or data.
  • Integration with Zyter™ and other risk engines is possible.
  • REAP Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • REAP Evolution
  • REAP evaluation and EXISTING PRODUCT