Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation is a process of Analyzing the past answers of a user, to predict questions that he may answer in future or to recommend user with something that might be of their interest.

Our Recommendation Platform uses machine learning algorithms leveraging collaborative filtering approach on Hadoop frameworks that recommends end users with their inbuilt intelligence!!!

Built using customizable solution components using open source technology stack, Infinite’s Recommendation Platform is completely customizable and modular solution that can be harnessed further to meet customer’s need!!!

Service Offerings

  • Machine Learning Algorithm: Custom Collaborative filtering approach to cater machine learning.[/li_item]
  • Open Source: Integrated with Open source BIG Data technology & Machine Learning Techniques.
  • Scalable: Extendible to support unstructured data for futuristic needs of recommendation.
  • Customizable: Ability of enhancements to any of existing components to meet new business needs.
  • Framework based: Driven by framework based approach for encapsulation best industry practices

Simplify and transform your business operations!